Well, I see no reason to not have a blog about this. These are my 25 favourite storms since I started tracking back in 2005:


Cyclone Monica at top intensity of 8.0 on the Dvorak scale

  1. Severe Tropical Cyclone Monica (2006, AUS): There is really NO reason not to absolutely love this storm. It was by far the most beautiful storm in the recent era, and plus it hit land as a very strong storm and barely dented a window.
  2. Super Typhoon Megi (2010, WPac): Amazingly, this storm made landfall near peak intensity of 190mph (1-min surface winds, which is a record itself) but it didn't cause a devastatingly high amount of damage or a huge amount of deaths. This would be number one if it didn't kill people.
  3. Major Hurricane Rick (2009, EPac): This rare late October category 5 hurricane did 3 things that earn it the third spot on my list. #1 rapidly intensified, #2 reached near record intensity (in both winds and pressure) and #3 it rapidly weakened before hitting land. It went from a TS to category 5 to TS in about 24 hours, weakening enough before landfall to only cause minor damage.
  4. YASI04

    Cyclone Yasi at peak intensity

    Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi (2011, AUS): This storm, was in my opinion, the most impressive storm in 2011. It made landfall as a HUUGE borderline category 5 hurricane, caused billions in damage, but this is my favourite part, never directly killed anyone.
  5. Major Hurricane Paloma (2008, ATL): I'm a bit biased with this one, but this one definitely deserves to be in my top 25. Paloma was the second strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic in the month of November. It caused a lot of damage when she made landfall as a category 2 hurricane, but only actually caused one indirect death in Cuba. My favourite part: The indirect death was a dissident of the government of Cuba and not actually someone that should've been saved by the government, and thus shows that communists indeed do care for their people. ;)

I'll do about 5 every day. Every year I'll try to update the list, and probably will expand the list to 50 storms some day.

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