The PAC has dissolved on August 22, 2012.

##hurricanes Bill XXVIII (28) was a bill that was passed on Wednesday, June 27, 2012, at 03:00z in an a meeting that day. Members of the Hurricane Wiki were also present.



Note:This content is from a meeting on ##hurricanes. Tell me if you don't want your sayings listed here.

[19:02] TheAustinMan|CS YE

[19:02] TheAustinMan|CS how much longer until official meeting

[19:02] YE once I finish Max 87

[19:02] YE should not be much longer

[19:02] TheAustinMan|CS ok

[19:03] TheAustinMan|CS

[19:03] TheAustinMan|CS Private site

[19:04] Cyclone10

[19:04] TheAustinMan|CS what

[19:04] TheAustinMan|CS

[19:07] TheAustinMan|CS What about it Cy10

[19:07] Cyclone10 Nothing

[19:07] TheAustinMan|CS You were lik e

[19:07] TheAustinMan|CS

[19:08] Cyclone10 Can everyone read the logs?

[19:08] TheAustinMan|CS no

[19:08] TheAustinMan|CS Just people with the link

[19:08] YE k

[19:08] TheAustinMan|CS Done?

[19:10] Cyclone10

[19:10] YE very close

[19:10] Cyclone10

[19:10] YE still have a tibit or two to add

[19:10] TheAustinMan|CS ok

[19:10] TheAustinMan|CS No rush

[19:11] YE "However, the storm entered the Template:Convert/C isotherm and began to weaken rapidly, though the storms actual intensity remained stronger than satellite intensity estimates."

[19:11] YE does this sound weird to any of you?

[19:11] Cyclone10 not really

[19:11] TheAustinMan|CS not really

[19:11] TheAustinMan|CS oh

[19:11] TheAustinMan|CS *storm's

[19:11] TheAustinMan|CS add apostrophe

[19:11] YE yea, got that

[19:11] TheAustinMan|CS I think you use although instead of though

[19:13] TheAustinMan|CS Other than that, you're good

[19:14] YE ok, we can being now

[19:14] TheAustinMan|CS *begin

[19:14] TheAustinMan|CS

[19:14] YE

[19:14] Cyclone10

[19:15] TheAustinMan|CS Ok

[19:15] TheAustinMan|CS Change the topic and we can begin

[19:15] YE okay, #wiki-hurricane is getting less and less productive

[19:15] =-= YE has changed the topic to “Welcome to the HWiki channel | | | | "When I first came here, I thought Cy10 was 13, you were likely in your 20s, and TA was 14" -The Austin Man | meeting”

[19:15] =-= Cyclone10 has changed the topic to “Welcome to the HWiki channel | | | | "When I first came here, I thought Cy10 was 13, you were likely in your 20s, and TA was 14" -The Austin Man | Meeting time”

[19:15] YE *is

[19:15] TheAustinMan|CS Yeah

[19:15] TheAustinMan|CS We can agree on that

[19:15] YE it is our job to change it

[19:15] TheAustinMan|CS Why do we have to change it?

[19:16] Cyclone10 ^

[19:16] TheAustinMan|CS I thought the original issue was ##hurricanes was a WPTC excursion, and we decided to invade #wiki-hurricanes

[19:16] Cyclone10 We get ourselves kicked if we do that

[19:16] YE yea

[19:16] TheAustinMan|CS Well, their moderators are sane

[19:17] YE well, the issue is how to stop the bleeding here an dover there

[19:17] YE *and over

[19:17] TheAustinMan|CS True

[19:17] TheAustinMan|CS We've done our part to stop the bleeding here.

[19:17] TheAustinMan|CS So now we have to come up with a way to how we are going to stop the issues there

[19:18] TheAustinMan|CS To restore it to pre-Darren era conditions

[19:18] YE yep

[19:18] Cyclone10

[19:18] TheAustinMan|CS How are we going to do that....

[19:18] Cyclone10 ^

[19:18] YE which is why I urged Cy10 to get going

[19:18] TheAustinMan|CS have a diplomatic meeting with their moderators?

[19:18] YE I would consider that

[19:19] TheAustinMan|CS I know their moderators are sane, but in a diplomatic meeting there will be tense discussion

[19:19] Cyclone10 Yeah

[19:19] TheAustinMan|CS But if we're starting anywhere we have to start now

[19:20] YE it would not be tense

[19:20] TheAustinMan|CS Well, not tense, but a lot of opinions will be thrown around for sure

[19:20] YE yea

[19:20] TheAustinMan|CS That's one way of doing it, through diplomatic meetings

[19:20] TheAustinMan|CS But what else?

[19:20] YE it might require a med Cab member but that is pushing it a lot

[19:20] TheAustinMan|CS Who's a med Cab

[19:21] Cyclone10 Yeah...

[19:21] YE a med Cab is a group that results in compromises for huge wiki fights

[19:21] TheAustinMan|CS Ah

[19:21] YE WPTC needed this a couple times over the past year or two

[19:21] TheAustinMan|CS But I agree, that's pushing it, especially just for IRC matters

[19:21] YE yea

[19:22] TheAustinMan|CS Remember, this is only a behaviorial issue

[19:22] YE yea

[19:22] YE and a writing one

[19:22] TheAustinMan|CS Sort of

[19:22] YE which is JC's and Hink's main concern IMO

[19:22] TheAustinMan|CS What's another solution

[19:22] TheAustinMan|CS Obviously going in there and having a big civil war won't help.

[19:22] TheAustinMan|CS But you never know how that would turn out

[19:23] Cyclone10 We'll lose

[19:23] TheAustinMan|CS Well, the moderators are on our side, in terms of the general idea, maybe not the smaller and finer details, but in general

[19:23] YE in terms of behavior yes

[19:24] TheAustinMan|CS But a civil war is pushing it

[19:24] TheAustinMan|CS still

[19:24] YE not at the right time

[19:24] TheAustinMan|CS Yeah

[19:24] YE it may work, but there is too many risks

[19:24] TheAustinMan|CS Civil wars are things that are nearly irreversible

[19:24] YE I've tried that though

[19:25] TheAustinMan|CS When?

[19:25] YE late 2010 [19:25] YE which is war there are so many wartime bills

[19:25] TheAustinMan|CS And what was it for though

[19:25] YE maturity level and off-topic stuff

[19:26] YE and notability

[19:26] TheAustinMan|CS Oh

[19:26] TheAustinMan|CS Did it help?

[19:26] TheAustinMan|CS Because this is a similar situation as in 2010

[19:27] YE yes and no

[19:27] TheAustinMan|CS What were the good side effects, first

[19:28] YE we got a little of what we wanted

[19:28] YE in terms of changing the topics

[19:28] TheAustinMan|CS Mhmm

[19:28] TheAustinMan|CS and bad side effects?

[19:28] YE multiple banns, drama, instability

[19:28] TheAustinMan|CS Right

[19:29] Cyclone10 No one wants that

[19:29] TheAustinMan|CS A similar situation today would have good short-term effects, but in the long-term things would collapse

[19:29] YE On an upside, it allowed for an issue to be resolved that was unavoidable

[19:29] TheAustinMan|CS True

[19:30] YE and some of the notability stuff happened

[19:30] YE along with them being a little more understandable

[19:30] TheAustinMan|CS Good short-term effects (1-3 weeks), bad long-term effects (4 weeks -)

[19:30] Cyclone10 And there's the RFC right now

[19:30] TheAustinMan|CS yeah

[19:30] YE we will deal with the RFC later

[19:31] TheAustinMan|CS But here we are in 2012, sort of a fracture off of the previous civil war

[19:32] TheAustinMan|CS What to do now

[19:32] TheAustinMan|CS lets see

[19:32] TheAustinMan|CS 1) Diplomatic meeting

[19:32] TheAustinMan|CS 2) Civil war

[19:32] TheAustinMan|CS 3) ???

[19:32] YE not sure about that

[19:32] YE we don't need to do 2) at all

[19:32] TheAustinMan|CS Yeah

[19:32] TheAustinMan|CS its a case, but not needed

[19:33] TheAustinMan|CS I think the best route to take right now is to have a diplomatic meeting

[19:33] YE I don't think we need a meeting quite yet

[19:33] TheAustinMan|CS Personally I see it has the most efficient and plausible method though

[19:33] YE wait till something bad happens

[19:33] TheAustinMan|CS okay

[19:33] YE but otherwise, I agree

[19:35] TheAustinMan|CS yeah

[19:35] TheAustinMan|CS Wait for the trigger, and when it happens, do some immediate countermeasures, and if it grows big, then meeting

[19:35] YE I proposed something similar in 2010, but it did not work how I wanted it

[19:35] YE yea

[19:35] TheAustinMan|CS What was proposed then

[19:35] YE a meeting

[19:35] TheAustinMan|CS oh

[19:36] TheAustinMan|CS Why didn't it work

[19:36] -->| JasonRees ( has joined ##hurricanes

[19:36] TheAustinMan|CS Hey JR [19:36] JasonRees hi [19:36] YE and it turned out to be admis just discussing WP philosophies and Tito trying to help me

[19:36] =-= Mode ##hurricanes +v JasonRees by YE

[19:36] TheAustinMan|CS Oh

[19:36] JasonRees i was wondering why it was so quiet

[19:37] TheAustinMan|CS Okay

[19:37] YE Hink is likely busy

[19:37] TheAustinMan|CS So we're fine with the diplomatic meeting, right Cyclone10? YE?

[19:37] YE not yet

[19:37] TheAustinMan|CS So what fine detailing needs to be resolved at this point with the proposal

[19:38] YE let me see any issues right now

[19:38] TheAustinMan|CS okay

[19:38] YE since today was quite and boring, nothing really is going on

[19:39] TheAustinMan|CS So far there's just the immaturity, and maybe lack of WP respect

[19:39] YE lack of article writing

[19:39] TheAustinMan|CS yeah

[19:39] TheAustinMan|CS relating to WP respect

[19:39] YE sorta

[19:39] TheAustinMan|CS So then what

[19:40] TheAustinMan|CS You said you aren't fine with the proposal yet

[19:40] TheAustinMan|CS so what other thing can we fix

[19:40] Cyclone10 Nothing big

[19:40] TheAustinMan|CS Well, YE had something to say, or at least he implied

[19:40] YE another thing that could be discussed is notability but I think it would worsen issues

[19:40] TheAustinMan|CS Yeah

[19:40] TheAustinMan|CS We can leave notability afterwards

[19:40] YE yea

[19:40] TheAustinMan|CS or just direct discussion to the RFC

[19:41] TheAustinMan|CS For now we just have WP article editing and immaturity on our agenda

[19:41] YE worry about Erick and whatnot for latter

[19:41] TheAustinMan|CS yeah

[19:41] TheAustinMan|CS 1) Wait for trigger

[19:41] YE le'ts try a resolution to does 3 oursleves

[19:41] TheAustinMan|CS 2) Use preventative counter measures at first

[19:41] TheAustinMan|CS 3) Wait for it to grow a bit bigger

[19:41] TheAustinMan|CS 4) DM

[19:41] TheAustinMan|CS so what resolution

[19:41] TheAustinMan|CS and what does "to does 3 ourselves" mean

[19:42] YE WP article editing

[19:42] YE I am tempted to make an editing requirement, but I wont

[19:42] TheAustinMan|CS Don't

[19:42] TheAustinMan|CS It'll only worsen the atmosphere

[19:43] YE for the people who don't edit :P

[19:43] TheAustinMan|CS Yeah

[19:43] YE no offense anyone

[19:43] TheAustinMan|CS That solution won't work IMO

[19:44] TheAustinMan|CS Okay, so we have the diplomatic meeting proposal set in stone, right

[19:44] TheAustinMan|CS And does this proposal fly to #wiki-hurricanes moderators as well

[19:44] YE we don't know when the hec that will be

[19:44] YE and if we have it

[19:44] YE so no

[19:45] YE and 2, I would not call the moderators because they are not really moderators

[19:45] TheAustinMan|CS okay

[19:45] YE they are just regular awesome Wikipedian's

[19:45] Cyclone10 okay

[19:45] TheAustinMan|CS #wiki-hurricanes is in my opinion just all same level of "voice" with a few stepped up users

[19:46] TheAustinMan|CS ##hurricanes has an OP (YE) but with other voiced users that have the same amount of voice, but not power

[19:46] YE meh

[19:46] YE the channel was designed differently

[19:46] TheAustinMan|CS YE, Cyclone10 and I are the ##hurricanes political action committee (PAC)

[19:47] Cyclone10 We need a bill on that

[19:47] YE though in the long run, we want to have elections

[19:47] YE agreed

[19:47] YE Bill 028

[19:47] Cyclone10 agreed

[19:47] TheAustinMan|CS Agreed

[19:47] YE yes or no

[19:47] Cyclone10 yes

[19:47] YE yes

[19:47] TheAustinMan|CS Yes

[19:47] TheAustinMan|CS What I'll say is

[19:47] TheAustinMan|CS I'll archive this discussion starting at 21:44

[19:48] TheAustinMan|CS and post it in my blog

[19:48] Cyclone10 ok

[19:48] =-= YE has changed the topic to “Welcome to the HWiki channel | | | | "When I first came here, I thought Cy10 was 13, you were likely in your 20s, and TA was 14" -The Austin Man | Meeting time | Voteing ends at 3z”

[19:48] YE Ill do it

[19:48] TheAustinMan|CS Okay

[19:48] =-= Cyclone10 has changed the topic to “Welcome to the HWiki channel | | | | "When I first came here, I thought Cy10 was 13, you were likely in your 20s, and TA was 14" -The Austin Man | Meeting time | Voting ends at 3z”

[19:48] TheAustinMan|CS Just make sure to follow the pattern of blogging about bills

[19:48] TheAustinMan|CS that I've set

[19:48] TheAustinMan|CS and what voting are we going to do

[19:48] YE on Bill 028

[19:49] TheAustinMan|CS No

[19:49] TheAustinMan|CS Voting ending at 3z

[19:49] TheAustinMan|CS is that for 028 or is that for actual elections

[19:49] YE I won't include JR's line

[19:49] YE for 028

[19:49] TheAustinMan|CS ok

[19:50] TheAustinMan|CS So 10 minutes to vote for anyone

[19:50] TheAustinMan|CS

[19:50] YE IRC elections? huh?

[19:51] TheAustinMan|CS I thought you said

[19:51] TheAustinMan|CS That we would have elections

[19:51] TheAustinMan|CS 21:47] <@YE> though in the long run, we want to have elections

[19:51] YE in the long run

[19:51] YE not now

[19:51] TheAustinMan|CS okay

[19:51] TheAustinMan|CS I'll just leave it there for now though

[19:52] YE change it to "PAC Bill"

[19:52] TheAustinMan|CS ok

[19:52] TheAustinMan|CS hold on

[19:53] TheAustinMan|CS ok

[19:53] TheAustinMan|CS YE, at 3z you can go ahead and make the bill blog

[19:54] YE k

[19:54] TheAustinMan|CS g2g now

[19:55] |<-- TheAustinMan|CS has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)

[19:55] Cyclone10 bye

[19:55] YE daw

[19:56] Cyclone10 So, no role play today

[19:57] YE forgot about that

[19:58] YE we'll finish this up tomorrow

[19:58] Cyclone10

[19:58] Cyclone10 yeah

[19:58] YE have the Erick crap to deal wth

[20:06] YE ok, bill passed

[20:07] =-= YE has changed the topic to “Welcome to the HWiki channel | | | | "When I first came here, I thought Cy10 was 13, you were likely in your 20s, and TA was 14" -The Austin Man | Meeting time | Bill 028 passes 3-0”

Bill 028 offical statement

"YE, Cyclone10 and CobraStrike are the ##hurricanes political action committee (PAC)"

This means that there is a committee to resolves issues with fellow chat #wiki-hurricanes and represent this channel in any potential diplomatic meetings.



  • YE
  • CobraStrike (bill presenter)
  • Cyclone10



Bill passed 3-0

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