Tropcial Storm Estelle

On July 13, and area of distubed weather was declared a tropcial depression and soon strenthned into a tropcial strom. after reaching its peak intesity of 45 mph and 1000 mb storng wind shear quickly sheared cloup tops off the system and Estelle dissapted on July 15.

Tropical Depression Seven-E

On July 14, a tropcial wave became much better organized, and was thus declared a tropcial depression. Upon formation, the system reached tis peak intesity at 35 mph and a peak pressure of 1007 mb. However, it soon disspated, without threating land.

Tropical Storm Frank

Late on July 12, a tropcial wave left the coast of Central America. Thee days later, this area became a tropical depression. After breifly reaching tropical storm satus, it entered a less conductive enviroment and dissapted on July 17.

Hurricane Gorgette

On July 17, a tropical deppression formed. Moving northwest, it sson intesfied into tropical storm intesity, and sevral hours later, an eye formed thus indicating that Gorgette was very near hurricane status. Additional intesification occured, and Gorgette reached hurricane intesity just 18 hours after first foming. However, storng wind shear soon weakend the storm and it disspated on July 24.

Tropical Strom Howard

On July 22, an area of distubed weather formed near Mexico. The next day, it was upgraded into a tropcial storm. After reaching its peak intesity of 60 mph, it made landfall ner Acopulco at peak intesity. It disspated on the 26th.

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