Ok guys, it is time to announce...... A USERNAME CHANGE!! I'm going to change my username to "Steve820". I think that my current name seems a little weird with the string of numbers at the end (09876). I think its weird because of how my current username was made when I typed my name (Steven) and then moved my finger backwards across the keyboard from "0" to "6". At that time, I couldn't think of any better username since I thought most of the names I wanted were already taken on Wikia. Well now, I've thought of a much better username called "Steve820", which luckily isn't already taken and which I am about to rename it to. That name consists of my name "Steven", removing the "n" to create the more awesome name of "Steve", and then, the "820" at the end is my birthday (August 20). I have also been getting a little tired of my current username, and the name of "Steve820" sounds better, at least for me. Unlike my current username, the numbers at the end of my new username actually have a meaning, since, as said above, my current username was just made by typing my name and after that, moving my finger from the "0" to the "6", and the numbers at the end of my new username are the initials for my birthday. I also plan on becoming a little more mature after the name change, and have a new signature that looks like this: Steve820. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy my new name and signature, and I seriously promise, this will be the LAST signature change I will make until at least 2015, unless I suddenly get bored of my new signature before the start of 2015. But still, if I get bored of this signature, I will try to not change it for as long as I can.


Steven09876 03:35, February 8, 2014 (UTC)

P.S. If you hate the changes I'm about to make, then don't comment at all unless you can do constructive criticism. Hate comments such as "your stupid changes suck very badly and are very horrible!!" will NOT be tolerated at all. If I ever see someone make that comment about my username and signature changes, then I'll just ask an administrator to delete that comment and block that user, or I'll report it at the VSTF wiki. But still, I think about all of you are nice enough to like my changes and make constructive criticism, and I don't think I'll see any haters fighting down in the comments section. But if that does ever happen, I will probably contact VSTF wiki, especially if it's something like the example above.

P.P.S. I know I can change my username only once, and I think I can handle using my new username for the rest of my Wikia life. I also know how to access the username renaming page over here.

P.P.P.S. Have a great and happy 3-day weekend everyone!! Only if you live in the U.S., of course. ;)

P.P.P.P.S. Am I going too far? ;)

P.P.P.P.P.S. Yep, of course I'm going way too far on this "P.P.S." stuff. I guess I should stop here. :P

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