• STO12

    2013 Season

    July 22, 2013 by STO12

    What are we to expect for the rest of the 2013 season? The Atlantic is expected to ruffle up quite a few named storms this year. But where and when are they going to show up? Looking at data from last year's season, I've accumulated some hints of what the 2013 season may look like.


    Pre-season to June - The formation of Alberto and Beryl in May from last year I think were just a rare coincidence. Sure it makes it seem sort of likely we'd see it in the next season, but it was just a thing for that season. 2013 hasn't given us any pre-season storms, so named storms might come on a little later in the season. Because of this June racked up only two named storms, Andrea and Barry. Last year in 2012, we had our third and fourth…

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