• 11-17 named storms.
  • 6-9 hurricanes.
  • 2-5 major hurricanes.
  • ACE 120-140% of median.

I would expect to see an above normal season in 2012, but I still don't want to predict as many named storms as we have had in the past two years. I think it will be more or less a 2008-like season in terms of activity, as it has been for almost every non-ENSO year since 1995. But overall I expect somewhat neutral patterns in the entire season.

East PacificEdit

  • 13-19 named storms.
  • 6-10 hurricanes.
  • 3-6 major hurricanes.
  • ACE 105-130% of median.

I do not expect the 2012 Pacific hurricane season to have as many hurricanes and major hurricanes as last year, but I do expect near-normal to above normal activity in EPac for 2012.

West PacificEdit

  • 22-27 named storms.
  • 11-15 typhoons.
  • 5-9 major typhoons.
  • ACE 105-135% of median.

WPac was dead for their last two seasons, but I still can't underestimate the most active basin in the world, so I will expect near-normal activity there this year.

North Indian OceanEdit

  • 3-6 named storms.
  • 1 or 2 cyclones.
  • 0 or 1 severe tropical cyclones.

Unlike last year, I think this year will be near-normal, but still, it won't be super-active, as it (almost) never has been here.

Southern HemisphereEdit

  • 17-22 named storms.
  • 10-15 cyclones.
  • 7-9 severe cyclones.
  • 0 or 1 category 5 cyclones.

I do not expect SWIO to be dead this year, so I will expect a near-normal season this year in SHem. I also don't see a Yasi coming this year, but hopefully we won't get too many impacts from the SHem anyways.

These are my worldwide predictions for 2012. I may revise these later when we get a better idea of what's coming.