Why are this year's hurricane names so weird?

I went on Yahoo Answers, and asked everyone about the hurricane names. Here were the responses:


Hi (=

1) Chantal = never heard of it. 2) Fernand = sounds like a fertalizer (sp). 3) Humberto = it can be a Disney cartoon character. 4) Nester = I don't know why, Lol. 5) Tanya = I'm sorry, I don't like it.


Olga - sounds like a Viking 

Nestor - the poor kid will surely get made fun of for that one Humberto - too much of an unknown name

Those are the only ones I think are that weird but maybe also 

Rebekah - reminds me of Rebecca black Pablo - just doesn't really sound right


Humberto- Sounds made up

Dorian- Just weird to say Van- Self explanatory I think Nestor- Another one that sounds made up Fernand- Not sure if you meant Ferdinand or not, either, just not a great name


Lorenzo ,idk don't like Olga just sounds wierd
Pablo sounds spanish
Don't like Nestor either
And Van reminds me of a vanANSWER 5:


CHANTAL - made up DORIAN -sounds like a car HUMBERTO -hummmmmmmmm NESTOR - geeky VAN - you drive it




Extremely funny:

Barry (cuz it's a nickname for Barack and Obama's name is hilarious) Humberto (omg I'd have so much fun with this) Nestor (once read a book w/ a character named Nest . . . couldn't help but laugh) Olga (makes me think of Hey Arnold!) Van (a great sibset would be Van & Ryder. I'm sure you can see where I'm going w/ that LOL)


Fernand (stupid name) Pablo (makes me laugh for some reason) Wendy (I think of the restaurant)


I think Olga sounds pretty funny because it sounds like Ogre....You know.Those big ugly things.


Olga? Hot? really?

Anyways, I like Lorenzo.

ANSWER 10 (Stardoll, all combined together):

lol not to be mean, but Olga sounds like a female Swedish body builder with an eye patch

I KNOWW!! I always see a big woman whit mustache in my mind ;o (For people named olga I'm sorry ;o)

Chantal? Haha.

I know Ingrid is a common name but i think its kinda weird...and also fernand...its common but its weird...

ingrid humberto is write umberto and is italian

HUMBERTO AND OLGA. they are strange.....

I'd say Olga and Humberto... Who the heck would name there kid Olga? An Ogre?!

I kno i wouldn't name my kid olga or humberto =/

olga lololo sounds like a fat angry swedish lady

Haha, it's funny because some of these names are typical Norwegian (or Scandinavic) names, like Erin, Ingrid, Karen, Sebasti(a)n and Olga (old name).

PS. Humberto and Nestor (Don't know it they're boy or girls name, never heard them)

I really do agree with these comments! IDK why this year's storm names are SOOOOO STRANGE AND BIZARRE.... Voice your comments ppl!

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