Sup ppl! 2014 has BEGUN WOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! And getting ready for DA FIREWORKZ DISPLAY!!! WOOOOTTT!!!! Anyway... 2013's storms may have failed but they have no sign of stopping (ish!) 

Hurricane Raymond VS Hurricane Humberto

Yes, these two are a bit hyper for the new year (they seriously hated 2013) so they decided to start an epic rap battle of history...


Epic Rap Battles of History!

Hurricane Raymond VS Hurricane Humberto!



Yea, strongest storm of 2013 in the good ol' West

Sole major cane of the whole of the West

Nobody can compare to me, not even you

Come get me, come overthrow me

I'll stand on my throne forever and ever

Your fancy lil' name can't even explain

Why you're the strongest storm of the rubbish Atlantic season!


Hey there, Ray,

Everybody loves you? Nah, I don't think so

With a mind like yours

You have people preparing for chores

But, hey, Ray, you didn't sweep anyone off their feet

Your news hardly got any tweets!

You are still part of a below-average season

With many pathetic storms like you, there is a reason

You think strength is what all that matters, huh?

I am the latest forming Atlantic hurricane since 2002, duh!


A little Cat 1 like you, pathetic

Can't please the Cat 5's with your aestethics 

You may have the stamina, but my abs are harder

You ain't no knight in shining armour

Think you gon' flirt with a hottie like Cadence?

Not so fast, you can't even dance

A weakling like you don't stand a chance

What you technically are is just a stronger version of Erin

Can I describe you as what really aren't: "daring?"

No, I can't, you're just uncaring

Bringing warmth to Europe on the last week of summer

Is not a cool thing, it's just a bummer


Well you see, you're just like any other storm

Odile, Manuel, Erick, what's with the k?

Your arrogance can't make you stand out from the norm

I'll see what's norm from 2014's storms, Fay?


Both of you aren't any good for me

I am from the future, give me a squee

I may have been a pathetic lil' weakling from '08

But you still can't beat us lot to come


WHAT? Of course you're a weakling

All what you've been is a tropical storm

Twice, since '02 and '08

You can't find a mate

That's as awesome as me

Go park your butt near a bay tree

Go and flee


Humberto, kicking since 1995?

Don't think so, you've always been a Cat 1/Cat 2 cane

You aint' gettin' anything called fame

At the same rate you're going

I've always been a major, you have not

So don't just push accomplishments in my face



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