Another late update.

TS Emily: Emily is now packing winds of around 50 mph, The NHC says Emily might strengthen slightly before land interaction qwith Hispaniola. My forecast for Emily is she will go over Hispaniola, most likely a weakened system by the time it gets across. The main question about Emily right now is if it survives the passage. After Hispaniola, Emily will probably sneek through the Bahamas and come very close to Florida if not landfall. After that, I think Emily will make a turn out to sea where there is no land areas except for Bermuda, which could possibly be a problem down the road. Again, this is very far out and Emily is very difficult to track. Lets see what happens.

H Eugene: Eugene as of the latest advisory, is packing winds of 105. The forecast is he will reach winds of 115 which seems reaonable since Eugene will be interacting with cooler water in the next day or to. On the NHC probability table, as of 2:00 PDT August 2, has Eugene having a 9% chance at peak intenisty of being a Category 4. A cat 4 is not out of the question, its just its very unlikely.

Sorry, but I can't give an update on Muifa right now, have not seen the newest info. OWEN2011 01:04, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

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