' 'TS Emily: Hurricane Hunters investigated this system twice today. The 2nd time the aircraft was sent out they found west winds, which this system was lacking. Emily is currently close to Dominica. The NHC forecast cone has a hurricane nearing Florida. To all those people in the Caribbean Islands will need to monitor Emily very closely. Compared to yesterday, more computer models have shifted a little more towards Florida. Emily will need to be monitored very closely either way. There is also another scenario where emily goes over Hispaniola, and the Mountainous Terrain kills it. That is still very possible. Warnings are in affect for the Lesser Antilles and Puerto rico. Some of parts of Hispaniola has a tropical storm watch out right now. I think Emily may get closer than we think to the USA if it survives the passage between Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

H Eugene: Eugene has intensified into a 75 mph category 1 hurricane. Hurricane Eugene is no threat to any land masses. It will probably be what we call a "fish storm"

Muifa: Typhoon Muifa has weakened into a Category 3 Typhoon. THe JTWC has Muifa restrengthening into a Category 4 before weakening. Interest in Korea or Japan will have to closely monitor Muifa. It also can be noted that Muifa absorbed TD Lando, which was designated by the PAGASA. OWEN2011 00:21, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

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