Well, sorry for the inconvenience about me not being able to post a blog.

I will now start with the blog. Tropical Storm Don is currently getting

close to full making landfall between Corpus Christi and Brownsville. The

NHC also no longer anticipates strengthening. do peaked with 50 mph

winds. Some of the reasons why Do couldn't strengthen was the MJO was

not in this area of the world, and all the dry air. So lets all say good writtens

to Don. In the central atlantic we now have an area of interest. It currently has

50% chance of ever becoming a tropial cyclone. So far models are all over the

place with this system. The track for thi system will probably go close to

the Northern Leeewards and its uncertain from there. Loooking at water vapor,

I saw dry air near the system. this will likely hinder strengthening. Alright, well thats

it today and I will have another post Tomorrow or Sunday. OWEN2011 00:23, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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