Alright. Heres my blog for today. Our main story in town is Invest 91L, which is in the central Atlantic.

It currently has a 70% chance of ever becoming a tropical cyclone. Yesterday Invest 91 had a "popcorn"

look to it. Today convection has fired up a little more, which may result in a TD possibly Today or

Tomorrow if this system organizes a little better. There will also be a Hurricane Hunter Plane going to

check this system out on Sunday. In the Western Pacific, we have Typhoon Muifa which is forecast

to possibly hit the Ryuku Islands of Japan. Muifa is currently rapdly intensifying. Tropical Storm Nock-ten

passed over Haianan yesterday and is currently weakening. I will post another blog later Today or

Tommorow. OWEN2011 13:59, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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