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    September 11, 2011 by OWEN2011

    I willl start making blogs again within the next week or so

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  • OWEN2011

    Another late update.

    TS Emily: Emily is now packing winds of around 50 mph, The NHC says Emily might strengthen slightly before land interaction qwith Hispaniola. My forecast for Emily is she will go over Hispaniola, most likely a weakened system by the time it gets across. The main question about Emily right now is if it survives the passage. After Hispaniola, Emily will probably sneek through the Bahamas and come very close to Florida if not landfall. After that, I think Emily will make a turn out to sea where there is no land areas except for Bermuda, which could possibly be a problem down the road. Again, this is very far out and Emily is very difficult to track. Lets see what happens.

    H Eugene: Eugene as of the latest advisory, is packi…

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  • OWEN2011

    ' 'TS Emily: Hurricane Hunters investigated this system twice today. The 2nd time the aircraft was sent out they found west winds, which this system was lacking. Emily is currently close to Dominica. The NHC forecast cone has a hurricane nearing Florida. To all those people in the Caribbean Islands will need to monitor Emily very closely. Compared to yesterday, more computer models have shifted a little more towards Florida. Emily will need to be monitored very closely either way. There is also another scenario where emily goes over Hispaniola, and the Mountainous Terrain kills it. That is still very possible. Warnings are in affect for the Lesser Antilles and Puerto rico. Some of parts of Hispaniola has a tropical storm watch out right …

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  • OWEN2011

    Eastern Pacific: There we have TD 5E which is currently predicted

    to become a hurricane. 5E will be no threat to land areas. It may

    beome TS Eugene later today.

    Western Pacific: Typhoon Muifa, once a Category 5 Super Typhoon

    yesterday has now bottomed now with 145 mph winds. The JTWC

    does not predict Muifa to become a Cat 5 again as of now. Muifa may

    be a threat to Japan and Korea.

    Atlantic: In the Atlabtic, we have Invest 91L, which currently has near

    100% chance of developing in the next 48 hours. Hurricane Hunters are

    scheduled to investigate this system later today. It is unknown what path

    this Invest would take. OWEN2011 14:35, July 31, 2011 (UTC)

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  • OWEN2011

    Alright. Heres my blog for today. Our main story in town is Invest 91L, which is in the central Atlantic.

    It currently has a 70% chance of ever becoming a tropical cyclone. Yesterday Invest 91 had a "popcorn"

    look to it. Today convection has fired up a little more, which may result in a TD possibly Today or

    Tomorrow if this system organizes a little better. There will also be a Hurricane Hunter Plane going to

    check this system out on Sunday. In the Western Pacific, we have Typhoon Muifa which is forecast

    to possibly hit the Ryuku Islands of Japan. Muifa is currently rapdly intensifying. Tropical Storm Nock-ten

    passed over Haianan yesterday and is currently weakening. I will post another blog later Today or

    Tommorow. OWEN2011 13:59, July 30, 2011 …

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