We all know how painfully snubbed Gordon and Hanna were, but what other names do you think should have been retired? leave your picks in the comments. This is for all basins too, not just the Atlantic

Here are my picks: 


  • Gordon (1994) & Hanna (2008) obviously.
  • Dolly, also in 2008
  • Juan, in 1985 (the name 'Juan' was actually retired in 2003, but I think it should have been retired 18 years earlier)
  • Alex and Matthew (2010) 


  • Paul in 1982 (I don't care if it did all that destruction as a depression the fact that it was the second dealiest storm in the Pacific should have warranted retirement)

You can put any name you want. My picks are not off limits so if you agree with me, you can put it in the comments, because I know that everyone will want to put Gordon and Hanna

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