Looking back in history (and mainly on wikipedia) I found that 1994 and 2009 pacific hurricane seasons were strangely similar in some cases. Here are a few 

Quotes from Wikipedia

"The 2009 Pacific hurricane season was the most active Pacific hurricane season since 1994."

 "For the first time in ten years, no tropical depressions formed during the month of May. This inactivity continued into the early part of June and was the least active since 1994"

The similarities

Some similarities that I could find is:

  • Excluding depressions, both seasons had 20 storms
  • Neither season had a storm in May
  • Strangely both season's first storm formed on June 18th!
  • Also both seasons ended just one day apart! October 26 in 1994 and October 27th 2009!
  • Both season had a strong Category 5: John (1994) and Rick (2009)
  • Both season's final storm formed in the Central Pacific and both started with the letter 'N' : Nona (1994) Neki (2009)
  • And finally both seasons had a storm cross the dateline!

If any of you reading find anymore similarities feel free to leave them in the comments 

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