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  • Leeboy100

    So I mentioned in Bret's archive it was the first tropical storm to make landfall in Venezuela since 1993. The last storm to do so was anotther tropical storm, also named Bret. So, I've decided to go back to see If I could find more coinceidences between 2017 and years prior with the same name list, and also 2016 and list II just for fun.

    Let's start with list II.

    List II coincidences: 

    In 1980 & 1992, the 'A' names for the respective seasons (Allen for 1980, Andrew for 1992) were both category 5's. The exact same occurrence also happened with the 'M' names for 1998 and 2016 (Mitch, 1998 & Matthew, 2016)

    The only 2 category 5's in the 1990's were from this name list (Andrew in 1992, Mitch in 1998)

    In 1986 and 1992, both season's final storm was…

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  • Leeboy100

    I'm sure everyone has been wondering, which list has changed the most. I'm going to go through every list in chronological order, by list not year, and cross out names that have been retired, the replacement names for which will be in bold. and names that were previously used on the old lists will be underlined on their first use on these lists. I will italicize names that are on the current versions of the list that weren't there when it was first used. You guys get to vote about which one you think has changed the most. This one is for the Atlantic, I will do the Pacific version if I get good feedback. I'm only showing names that were used in each year.

    Here we go

    Note (since list I is being used this year, I will still cross out names that ar…

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  • Leeboy100

    Hurricane Vocabulary.

    September 21, 2015 by Leeboy100

    This is an idea I got to make a guide of hurricane vocabulary for anyone on this wiki who might be new at tracking storms.

    I will start out with one of my favorite types of cyclones.

    An annular cyclone is a somewhat rare phenomenon in tropical cyclones. They usually have: A large eye, compact wind field, very few rainbands, and can get very intense. Annular storms are often said to resemble doughnuts. Quite a few category 5 hurricanes and typhoons have been annular. Annular storms can also maintain strength longer than regular storms.  

    A few examples of annular cyclones:

       Typhoon Nestor (1997) Hurricane Isabel (2003)

    Hurricane Katrina (2005)

    Hurricane Iselle (2014)

    Typhoon Amber (1997)

    Typhoon Jelewat (2000)

    Hurricane Adrian (2011)

    and finally, t…

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  • Leeboy100

    We all know how painfully snubbed Gordon and Hanna were, but what other names do you think should have been retired? leave your picks in the comments. This is for all basins too, not just the Atlantic

    Here are my picks: 


    • Gordon (1994) & Hanna (2008) obviously.
    • Dolly, also in 2008
    • Juan, in 1985 (the name 'Juan' was actually retired in 2003, but I think it should have been retired 18 years earlier)
    • Alex and Matthew (2010) 


    • Paul in 1982 (I don't care if it did all that destruction as a depression the fact that it was the second dealiest storm in the Pacific should have warranted retirement)

    You can put any name you want. My picks are not off limits so if you agree with me, you can put it in the comments, because I know that everyone wi…

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  • Leeboy100

    Looking back in history (and mainly on wikipedia) I found that 1994 and 2009 pacific hurricane seasons were strangely similar in some cases. Here are a few 

    "The 2009 Pacific hurricane season was the most active Pacific hurricane season since 1994."

     "For the first time in ten years, no tropical depressions formed during the month of May. This inactivity continued into the early part of June and was the least active since 1994"

    Some similarities that I could find is:

    • Excluding depressions, both seasons had 20 storms
    • Neither season had a storm in May
    • Strangely both season's first storm formed on June 18th!
    • Also both seasons ended just one day apart! October 26 in 1994 and October 27th 2009!
    • Both season had a strong Category 5: John (1994) and Rick (2…

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