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    Crunch time

    September 6, 2010 by JasonRees

    We are now in September and its crunch time all over the world as September is the month that makes or breaks the forecasts.

    A quiet September for the WPAC would be disasterous as we are well behind previous years.

    We are currently on 10 JTWC TD's 9 TS 3 TY's

    The last predictior from the City Univeristy of Hong Kong predicted that we would see 27 JTWC TD's 23 TSs and 15 TYs. Unless we have a big september this prediction aint gonna be met.

    Taiwans NMHSS predicted 20-23 TS which seems slightly reasonable but again i doubt this will be met

    Tropical Storm Risk predicted 23 TS and 14 TY's in August which seems well out of whack after the August weve just had

    Id say we will probbably end the season on about 18 TS and 8 Ty's but that depends on how bu…

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  • JasonRees


    August 7, 2010 by JasonRees

    I will be updating this blog from time to time with my thoughts on current tropical cyclones and on occassions when Best Track Anaylsis is issued

    Tropical Storm Domeng

    Why was this called a TC?

    Do PAGASA think we are so behind this year that we need to start inventing systems? or is this a case of political pressure

    in fact thinking about that maybe thats the row Prisco Nilo had with his superiros which lead to his sacking

    Who knows

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