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    March 7, 2018 by Isaac829

    So uh, it's been a few years since the last main page update. I think it's about time for something new and also fits the new Wikia design. If you want to help out with the redesign or have an idea for the main page, just comment below.

    Also, if you have a neat background that is about 300kb, post it below too. The place could really use some new colors.

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  • Isaac829

    Introducing Userboxes

    March 25, 2013 by Isaac829

    Userboxes are finally here at HWiki! Userboxes are boxes that describe your personality. For more info, click here.

    • When you create your own userbox please put in under User:Username/Userbox name.
    • Userboxes could be about anything, as long there are no personal attacks.
    • Make sure pictures inside the userbox are 40 pixels or smaller.
    • Please put your userboxes on only your userpage.
    • There are no limits for how many userboxes could be on a page.

    • These userboxes are different from the ones on Wikipedia and on Templates Wiki. These userboxes are from Call of Duty wiki.

    Type .

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  • Isaac829

    Here's mine top 50:

    • Tropical Storm Omeka (2010) - A very rare tropical storm that forms in the CPAC out of nowhere.
    • Hurricane Ophelia (2011) - Environments gave her a second chance to live.
    • Tropical Storm Rolf (2011) - Official or not, a Mediterranean should be notable.
    • Hurricane Igor (2010) - I track the storm from start to end. Of course I love this storm!
    • Hurricane Alex (2010) - 946 mbar is impressive for a Cat. 2.
    • Cyclone Giri (2010) - Small strong storm.
    • Typhoon Megi (2010) - First STY I tracked.
    • Typhoon Ma-on (2011) - For its unusual track.
    • Hurricane Shary (2010) - Smallest storm I tracked.
    • Hurricane Otto (2010) - First subtropical cyclone I tracked.
    • Hurricane Ike (2008) - It wrecked the whole front yard and school was canceled for 3 days.
    • Typho…
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  • Isaac829

    Mine is Tropical Storm Omeka because it was one of the weirdest tropical storm in the EPAC. What's your favorite hurricane?

    Note: The year doesn't matter.

    Note 2: Subtropical cyclone counts.

    Note 3: Every basin counts.

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  • Isaac829

    The reason I'm doing that is because I have lots of school work to do. I'll probably come back in Thanksgiving. Well, good luck.10Q.INVEST 00:09, September 13, 2011 (UTC)

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