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    Introducing Userboxes

    March 25, 2013 by Isaac829

    Userboxes are finally here at HWiki! Userboxes are boxes that describe your personality. For more info, click here.

    • When you create your own userbox please put in under User:Username/Userbox name.
    • Userboxes could be about anything, as long there are no personal attacks.
    • Make sure pictures inside the userbox are 40 pixels or smaller.
    • Please put your userboxes on only your userpage.
    • There are no limits for how many userboxes could be on a page.

    • These userboxes are different from the ones on Wikipedia and on Templates Wiki. These userboxes are from Call of Duty wiki.

    Type .

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  • Isaac829

    Here's mine top 50:

    • Tropical Storm Omeka (2010) - A very rare tropical storm that forms in the CPAC out of nowhere.
    • Hurricane Ophelia (2011) - Environments gave her a second chance to live.
    • Tropical Storm Rolf (2011) - Official or not, a Mediterranean should be notable.
    • Hurricane Igor (2010) - I track the storm from start to end. Of course I love this storm!
    • Hurricane Alex (2010) - 946 mbar is impressive for a Cat. 2.
    • Cyclone Giri (2010) - Small strong storm.
    • Typhoon Megi (2010) - First STY I tracked.
    • Typhoon Ma-on (2011) - For its unusual track.
    • Hurricane Shary (2010) - Smallest storm I tracked.
    • Hurricane Otto (2010) - First subtropical cyclone I tracked.
    • Hurricane Ike (2008) - It wrecked the whole front yard and school was canceled for 3 days.
    • Typho…
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  • Isaac829

    Mine is Tropical Storm Omeka because it was one of the weirdest tropical storm in the EPAC. What's your favorite hurricane?

    Note: The year doesn't matter.

    Note 2: Subtropical cyclone counts.

    Note 3: Every basin counts.

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  • Isaac829

    The reason I'm doing that is because I have lots of school work to do. I'll probably come back in Thanksgiving. Well, good luck.10Q.INVEST 00:09, September 13, 2011 (UTC)

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