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  • I am CrAzY
  • InfiniteStorm162

    This is my retirement thingy.

    Mekkhala: 10% Okay yeah, Mekkhala wan't as damaging as thought.

    Higos: 0% Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

    Bavi: 0% See you 6-7 years from now!

    Maysak: 50% Meh.

    Haishen: 0% Why did this season suck.

    Noul: 60% Meh Again.

    Dolphin: 14%


    Chan-hom: 75% What storm has caused over $1 billion without being retired?

    Linfa: 1% One of those minor storms.

    Nangka: 20% Like Carlos in the EPac.

    Halola: 0% Japan will forget it.

    Soudelor: 95% $3.2 billion, 38 deaths? It's most likely retired.

    Molave: 0% Nice to see something subtropical! It didn't cause much of anything.

    Goni: 90% Oh, 70 deaths.

    Astani: 0% C5, no land.

    Kilo: 0% (to be updated)

    Etau: 1% (to be updated)

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