Mine would be last year's Atlantic season:

  • It was very busy, which gave us plenty of systems to track
  • Most of the strong storms were well-behaved (especially Danielle and Julia, though Earl counts since he wasn't so bad, despite scaring the sh!t out of 50+ million East Coasters, myself included)
  • Compared to the total amount of storms, the amount of naughty ones (Alex, Igor, Karl, Matthew, and Tomas; I'm looking at you guys) was relatively small
  • Number of fails (Bonnie, Colin, Fiona, and especially Gaston) was also relatively small
  • First time since 1998 when at least three hurricanes were simultaneously active (Igor, Julia, and Karl on September 16)
  • October just ruled, with five hurricanes (the most since 1870, IIRC), Paula and Richard just being really interesting storms to track, Shary surprising everyone by becoming a hurricane, and Tomas creating a lot of suspense (it's a pity that St. Lucia had to take such a beating, though)
  • As far as ACE goes, first hyperactive season since 2005
  • Danielle was probably my favorite storm of 2010

What do you guys think?

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