This bill (025) is no longer in use. It has been replaced by Bill 026.

Hurricane Wiki Bill XXV (25) was a bill that was passed on Wednesday, June 14, 2012, at 15:42z in an a semi-meeting that day. It adds on to the previous two bills that deal with behavior in IRC.

Official Statement

"The Hurricane Wiki has decided that when a person who is directed to be silent breaks the period, they will be kicked and the silence period will increase by five (5) minutes."

Chat History

This section displays the chat archive from when these bills were introduced and voted upon. It should not be edited, regardless of whether or not there are typos.

[10:34] == mode/##hurricanes [+m] by YE
[10:34] <@YE> should do it for 10 mins :P
[10:34] <+TheAustinMan|CS> You can increse the score
[10:34] <@YE> yeah
[10:35] <@YE> we losing our lead over #wiki-hurricanes
[10:35] <+TheAustinMan|CS> yeah
[10:35] <+TheAustinMan|CS> What we need is a more stern approach
[10:35] <@YE> we're only up by 3
[10:35] <@YE> +m'ing that chat works
[10:35] <@YE> should I try kicks?
[10:35] <+TheAustinMan|CS> Maybe
[10:36] <@YE> Okay
[10:36] <@YE> everyone time a person who is suppose to be silent talks is kicked and 5 more mins of silents
[10:36] <@YE> Bill 025
[10:36] <@YE> yes
[10:36] <+TheAustinMan|CS> It should be Bill 024a
[10:37] <+TheAustinMan|CS> or 024b
[10:37] <+TheAustinMan|CS> Thats not worthy of an entirely different setup
[10:37] <@YE> nah
[10:37] <@YE> don't like messing with a's and b, then it losses focus
[10:38] <+TheAustinMan|CS> Why?
[10:38] <+TheAustinMan|CS> Its still related to behavior
[10:38] <+TheAustinMan|CS> AKA bill 023
[10:38] <@YE> bill 23-25 are behavior bills
[10:38] <+TheAustinMan|CS> yeah
[10:38] <+TheAustinMan|CS> What's the score of immaturity now
[10:39] <@YE> 4
[10:39] <+TheAustinMan|CS> ok
[10:39] == mode/##hurricanes [+v TAWX14] by YE
[10:39] <@YE> silent period over
[10:39] <+TAWX14> You guys can't be serious
[10:39] <@YE> no, let's vote
[10:39] <+TAWX14> More strict?
[10:39] == mode/##hurricanes [-m] by YE
[10:39] <+TAWX14> That's the problem there :P
[10:40] <@YE> Bill 025
[10:40] <+TAWX14> What
[10:40] <+TheAustinMan|CS> TA isn't a part of Wikia so he can't vote on the bill YE?
[10:40] <+TAWX14> oh bill
[10:40] <@YE> he can
[10:40] == Cy10 [] has joined ##hurricanes
[10:40] <@YE> these are channel bills
[10:40] <+TAWX14> Cy10 :(
[10:40] <+TheAustinMan|CS> ok
[10:40] <+TheAustinMan|CS> Cy10 we're voting on Bill 025
[10:41] <+TAWX14> They're being rude and mean.
[10:41] <+TheAustinMan|CS> everyone time a person who is suppose to be silent talks is kicked and 5 more mins of silents"
[10:41] <Cy10> YES
[10:41] <+TheAustinMan|CS>
[10:41] == Cy10 changed the topic of ##hurricanes to: Welcome to the Hurricane Wiki channel | | "Keep a close eye on my contribs and the 1980's EPAC articles" -- operator YE
[10:41] <@YE> yes
[10:41] <+TAWX14> #wiki-hurricanes is a much better chat than this one is
[10:41] <+TAWX14> sorry
[10:42] <@YE> what's your vote?
[10:42] <+TheAustinMan|CS> Yes
[10:42] <@YE> assuming TA votes no, 3-1 passed


The bill was passed 3-1.

Signatories (Yes)



Bill 25 was abolished by successive Bill 26 after pressure from the anti-monarchy party... a group that revolted against the ruling of ##hurricanes under YE.

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