Hurricane Wiki Bill XXIV (24) was a bill that was passed on Tuesday, June 13, 2012, at 22:22z in an emergency IRC meeting that day. It regards behavior in IRC, and the resulting countdown policy.

Official Statement

"The Hurricane Wiki has officially stated that they will revise their behavorial countdown policy in their channel, ##hurricanes."

Countdown Policy

The countdown policy on an IRC channel is a policy that was originally developed by YE. The countdown helps monitor the level of behavior and/or immaturity present in a channel as a whole. With the revisions listed in Bill 24, below is the numbering policy:


  • 10+ - Excellent behavior, utmost maturity
  • 8-9 - Great behavior
  • 6-7 - Good behavior
  • 5 - Borderline behavior
  • 4 - 5 minutes of silence
  • 3 - 10 minutes of silence
  • 2 - 15 minutes of silence
  • 1 - 20 minutes of silence
  • 0 - 25 minutes of silence

And so forth. If a person who is marked for silence speaks within the silence period, the level goes down, and thus the silence period extends to an additional 5 minutes. If the person(s) is/are silent within the entire period, the level will reset to a 5 and then progressively go up if problems are not present.

Chat History

This section displays the chat archive from when these bills were introduced and voted upon. It should not be edited, regardless of whether or not there are typos.

[17:01] == YE changed the topic of ##hurricanes to: Welcome to the HWiki channel | | "Keep a close eye on my contribs and the 1980's EPAC articles" singed interim operaror YE | meeting time
[17:01] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> k
[17:02] <@YE> okay
[17:02] <@YE> now
[17:02] == mode/##hurricanes [+m] by YE
[17:02] <@YE> While TA is misbehaving
[17:02] <@YE> should we start a war?
[17:03] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Why?
[17:03] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> What do you mean war
[17:03] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Bill 018 was over turned
[17:03] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> the war bill
[17:03] <@YE> a new war
[17:03] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> What do you mean by war
[17:03] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> What are we going to war over
[17:04] <@YE> fight TA and JR
[17:04] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> on what
[17:04] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> BTW voice Cy10
[17:04] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> he needs to say something
[17:04] == mode/##hurricanes [+v Cy10] by YE
[17:04] <@YE> JR over the CB cane
[17:04] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> JasonRees over the Cyclonebiskit cane
[17:04] <@YE> TA being immature
[17:04] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> what does that mean?
[17:04] <@YE> this
[17:05] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> let me check
[17:05] <+Cy10> ok
[17:05] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> But why is a "war" needed?
[17:05] <@YE> cy10, what were you going to say?
[17:06] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> A war is really strong wording
[17:06] <+Cy10> Nothing
[17:06] <@YE> it is
[17:06] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> This is more of a resolving conflict then a civil war
[17:06] <@YE> and this is strong
[17:06] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> JR is fighting over an ndash
[17:06] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> does that need a war?
[17:06] <@YE> we need to watch it
[17:06] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> ok
[17:07] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> But does it warrant a true war?
[17:07] <@YE> idk
[17:07] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> ok
[17:07] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> We'll monitor the situation
[17:07] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> And about TA...
[17:08] <@YE> we need to do something
[17:08] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Yeah
[17:08] <@YE> he'll get in trouble soon though
[17:08] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Of course
[17:08] <@YE> it will be only time before Mitch notices
[17:08] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Mitch hasn't PMd me back but he will soon
[17:08] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Yeah
[17:08] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> When Mitch shows up he somewhat shuts up
[17:09] <@YE> yea
[17:09] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> We need a more stern approach
[17:09] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> The countdown might be fun
[17:09] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> but hes just gibber gabbing
[17:09] <@YE> how about a 5 say silence for 5 mins
[17:10] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> no
[17:10] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> too strict
[17:10] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> beside if its just him it silences all of us
[17:10] <@YE> only the bad people have to be silent
[17:10] <+Cy10> :P
[17:10] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> You +m things right?
[17:11] <@YE> I can't over there
[17:11] <@YE> that was my original plan
[17:11] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> You might want to do a request to be channel op
[17:11] <@YE> Tito has not been on lately
[17:11] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Yeah
[17:12] <+Cy10> Or start a off-topic channel
[17:12] <@YE> that won't solve anything
[17:12] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Yeah
[17:12] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> I always try redirecting conversation to #wiki-hurricanes-pokemon
[17:12] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> but that never works
[17:13] <@YE> I don't mind the pokepartys
[17:13] <@YE> as long as it is mature
[17:13] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Yeah
[17:13] <@YE> which to be honest
[17:13] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Yeah
[17:13] <@YE> is sometimes okay
[17:14] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Yeah
[17:14] <@YE> it's when we get to a 9 we have issues
[17:14] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Countdown: 5 = 1 min, 4 = 3 min, 3 = 5 min, 2 = 10 min, 1 = 15 min, 0 = 20 min, negatives = 20+ min
[17:15] <@YE> no
[17:15] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> then what
[17:15] <@YE> 5=5 min, 4=10 mins, 3=15 mins, 2=20 mins
[17:15] <@YE> unless you move back up, then the mins are -5
[17:16] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> ok
[17:16] == Yqt|dinner [] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[17:16] <@YE> if a bad person talks after a 5, then it goes to a 4, then a 3 and so on
[17:16] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> ok
[17:16] <@YE> ill make it herder to get to a 6 and 7, that's my change
[17:17] <@YE> *harder
[17:17] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> yeah
[17:17] <@YE> so, Bill 024
[17:17] <@YE> countdown policy
[17:17] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> ok
[17:17] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Official statement
[17:18] <+Cy10> ...
[17:18] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> "The Hurricane Wiki has officially stated that they will modify their countdown policy in their own channel and counterpart channel #wiki-hurricanes.
[17:18] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> And then we can list the countdown policy somewhere else
[17:19] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Does everyone agree on that?
[17:19] <+Cy10> Do we need to put that on HWiki?
[17:19] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> it is a bill
[17:19] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> I'll add it to the bill page
[17:19] <+Cy10> I mean community messages
[17:19] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Yeah
[17:19] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> I'll take off the convention thingy
[17:20] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> its been there for a while
[17:20] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> enough time to let everyone see it
[17:20] <@YE> don't put it on Hwiki
[17:20] <@YE> plz don't
[17:20] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> why?
[17:20] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> It is a bill
[17:21] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> I can call it Bill 23B
[17:21] <@YE> at least don't include the #wiki-hurricanes part
[17:21] <@YE> nah, Bill 024 sounds better
[17:21] <+Cy10> ^
[17:21] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> ok
[17:21] <@YE> so yes or no
[17:21] <@YE> yes for me
[17:21] <+Cy10> yes
[17:22] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Yes
[17:22] <+Cy10> How about iK?
[17:22] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> I dunno
[17:22] <+TheAustinMan|Cob> Its a majority anyways
[17:22] <@YE> 3-0, passed


The bill was passed 3-0.

Signatories (Yes):

No comment, but present at the time:

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