HWRF is notable this year for 2 reasons, pushing Emily's forecast to the limits as a category 2 hurricane off Florida, and now this. 93L, the next major hurricane. Here are its forecasts:

12 hours: Then Harvey will be a tropical storm with pressures in the 1000 mbar range.

24 hours: Harvey will be maintaining its strength as it moves west.

36 hours: Harvey will still be a tropical storm while moving WNW and dropping pressures.

48 hours: Harvey strengthens to a hurricane while situated 50 miles SW of Jamaica's center. The pressure forecast is very low, putting it at 976 mbar.

54 hours: Harvey makes landfall on Jamaica and weakens to a tropical storm, but still maintains pressure as it presses through the island.

60 hours: Harvey restrengthens to a hurricane after moving off Jamaica, pressure at 972 mbar.

66 hours: Harvey breaks the 100 mph barrier as a category 2 with pressure of 964 mbar while moving WNW.

72 hours: Harvey makes its closest approach to the Cayman Islands as a category 2 and a pressure of 954 mbar.

78 hours: Harvey a 110 mph category 2/3 with a min. pressure of 952 mbar, moving WNW or NW.

90 hours: Harvey makes its closest approach to Isla de Juventad as a category 3 with a minimum pressure of 948 mbars.

96 hours: Harvey continues NW, still a category 3 with a minimum pressure of 944 mbar.

108 hours: Harvey hits the very western tip of Cuba, but doesn't weaken the storm. Harvey remains at category 3 but with a pressure of 940 mbar, similar to what Gustav had on Cuban impact. Harvey exits the Carib. Sea.

120 hours: Harvey 60 miles NNW of Cancun with a pressure of 936 mbar, still a category 3 for some reason.

...and the forecast ends there. Texas may see a hit if HWRF is right. Be prepared.

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