This is a blog update for the CobraStrike Coastal Forecasting Center, which provides updates on potential tropical cyclone impacts near the coasts of the eastern Pacific and north Atlantic. THIS IS NOT NHC DATA! DO NOT USE THIS INFORMATION FOR EMERGENCY PLANNING.

Tropical Depression 03E


15.9N, 101.9W
Tracking W at 5 mph
Maximum winds 35 mph, higher gusts
Maximum radii of maximum winds - roughly 30 or so nautical miles

^WINDS... Model consensus provides the solution that 03E will move out into sea,
 and given the size of the storm, will likely not produce considerably damaging
 winds along the Mexican coast. Sustained winds will likely peak along the coast
 below tropical storm force at around 30 or 35 mph. However, it is possible for
 isolated cells intermingled within rainbands to produce strong gusts capable of
 producing damage.

^RAIN... Unlike Boris, 03E is largely disassociated with the Central American
 monsoon trough, and thus rainfall totals will not be as high. However, with 
 03E's proximity to the coast and its size, it is very likely that the outer 
 extremities of the tropical depression will produce moderate to heavy rainfall,
 perhaps torrential at times, which may lead to isolated flooding. In addition,
 orographic forcing may lead to additional rainfall. eTRaP guidance illustrates 
 rainfall totals peaking at 1.5" along the coast, though it is reasonable to 
 expect that totals exceeding 2.5" are possible in some areas.

^SURF...Tropical Depression 03E will likely generate high seas, peaking at 9 ft 
 (2.7 m) near its center; waves of 6 ft (1.8 m) are likely off the shores of 
 Acapulco, and other adjacent coastal regions. Expect waves to intensify near 
 the center of this system as the storm itself strengthens. It is reasonable to
 expect waves exceeding 10 ft (3.0 m) and approaching 15 ft (4.6 m) near the
 core as the storm continues to grow over the next few days.


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