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  • CobraStrike
    This is a blog update for the CobraStrike Coastal Forecasting Center, which provides updates on potential tropical cyclone impacts near the coasts of the eastern Pacific and north Atlantic. THIS IS NOT NHC DATA! DO NOT USE THIS INFORMATION FOR EMERGENCY PLANNING.

    1800 CDT UPDATE

    15.9N, 101.9W Tracking W at 5 mph Maximum winds 35 mph, higher gusts Maximum radii of maximum winds - roughly 30 or so nautical miles
    %% IMPACTS %%
    ^WINDS... Model consensus provides the solution that 03E will move out into sea, and given the size of the storm, will likely not produce considerably damaging winds along the Mexican coast. Sustained winds will likely peak along the coast below tropical storm force at around 30 or 35 mph. However, it is possible for i…

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  • CobraStrike

    As Atlantic wishcasters and regular tropical cyclone enthusiasts alike were ready to call this season off due to a string of weak storms, despite still spitting climatologically early systems, Invest 95L, invested yesterday as it was over the Yucatan Peninsula, has organized in the Bay of Campeche into Tropical Depression Six, the sixth tropical cyclone of the season. The cyclogenesis of the tropical depression coincided with a strong Kelvin wave that propogated eastward and also assisted in the cyclogenesis of Ivo and Invest 95E.

    Though anything is possible, due to its proximity to land, intensification from Tropcial Depression Six should be marked, but marginal nonetheless. With a few outliers, the models for this system have also agreed u…

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  • CobraStrike

    Today the Hurricane Wiki is proud to present its Facebook page, Hurricane Wiki Facebook. This is a step forward in gaining views, popularity, and usage. You can like us to make us gain popularity! We will publish updates on the Hurricane Wiki there, as well as tropical cyclone updates.

    Don't use Facebook? Well, we have an excellent Google+ Page where you can +1 us to make us gain popularity there too.

    We are not planning to spread to Twitter at this time.

    Hurricane Wiki Sysop,

    CobraStrike (t)(b)(c) 18:39, June 22, 2012 (UTC)

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  • CobraStrike

    Hurricane Wiki Bill XXVI (26) was a bill that was passed on Wednesday, June 14, 2012, at 21:08z in an a semi-meeting that day. Members of the Hurricane Wiki were also present. Hurricane Bill XXVII (27) was a bill that was introduced and then failed on Wednesday, June 14, 2012 at 21:13z in the same semi-meeting. In addition, Bill 24, and subsequently, 25, were fixed.

    "The Hurricane Wiki has decided to eliminate the purpose and use of silence periods in ##hurricanes."

    Under Bill 026 a new warning policy was introduced. Instead of the silence method, there would be a watch, a warning, a kick, and after 4 kicks, a 5 minute temporary ban. The first ban recorded was at 23:36, when TAWX14 was banned for multiple accounts of bad behavior.

    "The Hurricane…

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  • CobraStrike

    Hurricane Wiki Bill XXV (25) was a bill that was passed on Wednesday, June 14, 2012, at 15:42z in an a semi-meeting that day. It adds on to the previous two bills that deal with behavior in IRC.

    "The Hurricane Wiki has decided that when a person who is directed to be silent breaks the period, they will be kicked and the silence period will increase by five (5) minutes."

    [10:34] == mode/##hurricanes [+m] by YE
    [10:34] should do it for 10 mins :P
    [10:34] You can increse the score
    [10:34] yeah
    [10:35] we losing our lead over #wiki-hurricanes
    [10:35] yeah
    [10:35] What we need is a more stern approach
    [10:35] we're only up by 3
    [10:35] +m'ing that chat works
    [10:35] should I try kicks?
    [10:35] Maybe
    [10:36] Okay
    [10:36] everyone time a person who is suppose to be silent talk…

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