aka Bob or Bobbeh

  • I live in The United States
  • I was born on December 11
  • My occupation is Hurricane Tracker
  • I am waiting for Debby to form
  • Bobnekaro

    Hi, I'm Bob from Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki if you do not know me.  Does anyone know why the NHC waits longer to do the stronger storms for post-analysis?  Ana, Bill, Claudette, Henri, and Ida have all been re-analyzed, but we are still waiting on Danny, Erika, Fred, Grace, Joaquin and Kate.  The two most interesting storms for post analysis, in my opinion, are Danny and Joaquin.  Danny has a chance to be downgraded to a Category 2 due to its unusually high pressure, and Joaquin has a chance to be upgraded to a Category 5.  

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