Irene Forecast Track

Irene 2011 Forecast Track


This is my fourth blog post, and like always, you may leave comments.

This is my unofficial forecast track:

0 hours: Tropical Storm Irene is over the NE Caribbean Sea, at 50 mph.

12 hours: Irene becomes a Category 1, and makes landfall near Santo Dominigo, Dominican Republic with winds of 85 mph and a pressure of 983 mbar.

24 hours: Irene becomes a Category 2.

27 hours: Irene makes landfall over rural Cuba with winds of 105 mph and a pressure of 967 mbar.

30 hours: Irene emerges in the Florida Straits, having weakened into a Category 1.

36 hours: Irene jumps from a weak 1 to a major Category 3 hurricane.

42 hours: Irene further devoleps into a Category 4.

48 hours: Irene brushes Elliot Key with winds of 155 mph and a pressure of 924 mbar.

50 hours: Irene becomes a Category 5 over Biscayne Bay.

51 hours: Irene directly hits Miami as a Category 5 with winds of 165 mph and a pressure of 917 mbar.

54 hours: Irene weakens into a Category 4 over Lake Okeechobee.

57 hours: Irene weakens into a Category 3.

60 hours: Irene emerges into the Gulf of Mexico as a Category 3.

72 hours: Irene makes a direct hit at Panama City, Florida, as a Category 2 with winds of 100 mph and a pressure of 978 mbar, and weakens to a Category 1.

84 hours: Irene makes a second landfall just west of Panama City as a Category 1 with winds of 75 mph and a pressure of 995 mbar.

96 hours: Irene emerges into St. Andrews Bay as a strong tropical storm.

120 hours: Irene erracticly makes two more U.S. landfalls, one near Tallahasee, then another over Georgia before it weakens to a tropical depression.

132 hours: Irene dissipaites near Atlanta, Georgia.

Hurricane Andrew (444)

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