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Tropical activity worldwide:

(Based on data from the NHC, CPHC, JMA, IMD, and BoM)

North Atlantic Ocean

Major Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is currently a Category 3 hurricane approaching the Bahamas. It will pass through the islands, and possibly reach Category 4 status as it moves towards the Carolinas. Interests between Jacksonville, Florida, and Portland, Maine should closely monitor Irene's progress.


A tropical disturbance near the Cape Verde Islands is showing signs of organization, and conditions are favourable enough that it could be a tropical depression. It currently has a 60 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone as it moves to the west at 15 to 20 mph.

A area of interest about 1150 miles from the Cape Verde Islands is producing limited showers. Devolepment is not expected, and it has a near 0 percent chance of formation.

Eastern Pacific Ocean

A disturbance 275 miles south of Baja California's souternmost tip is producing some showers. Devolepment is not likely as it moves into cooler waters. There is a near 0% chance of formation.

Central Pacific Ocean

There are no areas of interest in this basin.

Western Pacific Ocean

Severe Tropical Storm Nanmadol (Mina) is moving to the north-northwest, and may become a typhoon.

Elsewhere, a tropical depression is active, but is no threat to land.

North Indian Ocean

There is no current activity.

Southern Hemisphere

South-West Indian Ocean

There are no active systems.

Australian Region

There are no active systems.

Southern Pacific Ocean

There are no active systems.

Hurricane Andrew (444)

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