Just wanted to make nicknames for storms!

Here they are:

Adrian - Awestruck Adrian

Beatriz - Beloved Beatriz

Calvin - Cool Calvin

Dora - Dora the Explorer

Eugene - Eugene Krabs

Fernanda - Frekin' Fernanda

Greg - Greg Heffely

Hilary - Huge Hilary

Irwin - Iresome Irwin

Jova - Juiced Jova

Kenneth - Krazy Kenneth

Lidia - Lurkin' Lidia

Max - Marvelous Max

Norma - No Way Norma

Otis - Otis the Cow

Pilar - Puking Pilar

Ramon - Revengin' Ramon

Selma - Shocked Selma

Todd - Tadpole Todd

Veronica - Valuable Veronica

Wiley - Willy-Nilly Wiley

Sorry, no X,Y, or Z. Maybe later.

) Andrew444 22:49, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

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