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For those of you who live in the United States and Canada, you may still remember the unexpected spring blizzard which occured earlier in the week. It probably was a nightmare to see snow on the ground so late in March! However, something massive has happened to that blizzard system. It moved over the open Atlantic Ocean and deepened significantly in size and intensity, according to Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang's chief meteorologist Jason Samenow. The Ocean Prediction Center's lead forecaster, Robert Oszajca, explained the cyclone intensified because it merged with several other weaker low pressure areas over the Atlantic, which gave the cyclone additional energy. Warm moisture from the Gulf Stream and frigid air from the north have also contributed to the system's deepening.

A system like this cyclone would have already drifted into Europe by now, but a high pressure area located over Greenland has prevented that from occuring. Consquently, further intensification of the cyclone has happened.

"We're impressed with the size of this storm," commented Oszajca, although similar cyclones occur once or twice per year.

Currently, the cyclone stretches from Greenland to the Carribean Islands and from Spain to Canada. Waves of up to 42 feet in height have been reported.

However, due to the weakening of the high pressure area, the cyclone is beginning to fragment and seperate into smaller "portions". When it is due to arrive in Europe within the next four days, it will be much weaker than it currently is. I do not expect any major impact at all from the system.

More information about the storm, including a satellite image of it, can be found here:

Also, a current surface weather map of the storm can be found here:

NOTE: This cyclone is not expected to complete the transition to a tropical cyclone. If, by some freak occurence, it did, it will be named Andrea by the RSMC Miami.

P.S. Why hasn't the United Kingdom Met Office named this system yet? It is extremely strong and poses a threat to several European landmasses.

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