I decided to do this one because everyone liked my previous blog on the 2011 PHS nicknames.


  • Amazing Aletta
  • Busy Bud
  • Cute Carlotta
  • Dizzy Daniel
  • Ecstatic Emilia
  • Ferocius Fabio
  • Gross Gilma
  • Handsome Hector
  • Ill Illeana
  • Jobless John
  • Krusty Kirsty
  • Lousy Lane
  • Madam Miriam
  • Never-Nice Norman
  • Oh, Olivia!
  • Priceless Paul
  • Rosey Rosa
  • Stupid Sergio
  • Timeless Tara
  • Venturous Vincent
  • Who's What Willa

That's all!

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