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  • Andrew444

    The Curse of the "I"

    September 3, 2013 by Andrew444

    Today, I will be writing a blog post about an unusual tropical cyclone curse in the North Atlantic.

    Before 1990, "I" storms were not very notable overall. Only a handful of seasons even reached that letter, and when they did, the "I" storm was not very notable. In fact, only two "I" names, Ione of 1955 and Inez of 1966, were retired before then. However, starting in 1990, the "I"'s would get extremely notable. Let me explain...

    • Hurricane Isidore (1990): It all started in 1990. Hurricane Isidore began a streak of "I" storms attaining hurricane intensity. Despite a lack of land impact, Isidore formed further south than any other Atlantic tropical cyclone on record.
    • 1991 did not use the "I" letter.
    • 1992 did not use the "I" letter.
    • 1993 did not use the…
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  • Andrew444

    I know many users here are starting to get frustrated with the lack of activity in the Atlantic. In fact, on Storm2k (I do not have an account there, I just read it for fun) some users were forecasting we would only see nine to ten storms. However, it actually is not too late for an activity explosion. Using data from the seasons 1995-2012, the active Atlantic period, I can tell you where we might end up in the naming list.

    Below, seasons are organized in decreasing amount of post-August 20 storms per season.

    So far, 2013 has produced 5 tropical storms but no (major) hurricanes.

    Looking at the seasons below, we find...

    • 2005 had 19 total storms, 11 hurricanes, and 5 major hurricanes after August 20.

    Following 2005's pace, 2013 will end with 24 tota…

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  • Andrew444

    Wikipedia account

    July 2, 2013 by Andrew444

    Dear Hurricane Wiki,

    I now have a Wikipedia account. My username is AndrewPeterT. Here is the link to my userpage: 1.

    --AndrewTalk To MeContribsMail Me 17:19, July 2, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Andrew444

    Hello, all users!

    For those of you who live in the United States and Canada, you may still remember the unexpected spring blizzard which occured earlier in the week. It probably was a nightmare to see snow on the ground so late in March! However, something massive has happened to that blizzard system. It moved over the open Atlantic Ocean and deepened significantly in size and intensity, according to Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang's chief meteorologist Jason Samenow. The Ocean Prediction Center's lead forecaster, Robert Oszajca, explained the cyclone intensified because it merged with several other weaker low pressure areas over the Atlantic, which gave the cyclone additional energy. Warm moisture from the Gulf Stream and frigid air…

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  • Andrew444

    With the year 2013 rapidly dawning on us, it is now an appropriate time for me to post my predictions for next year's Atlantic and Pacific hurricane seasons. Below, you will be able to read my predictions and explanations for each.

    For the North Atlantic Ocean, I think we will see:

    • 24 tropical depressions,
    • 21 tropical storms,
    • 13 hurricanes,
    • six major hurricanes,
    • 4,653 deaths,
    • a damage bill of $76 billion (2013 USD),
    • and an accumulated cyclone energy of around 230.

    Because TSR's forecasts state a possibility of a weak ENSO event in the peak of the 2013 season, I think the ENSO will have enough effect to prevent a re-2005 from occuring, but probably a re-1933 or re-1995 will happen instead. Sea surface temperatures will be warm enough to allow many t…

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