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Tropical Storm Harvey was a strong tropical storm over the western Atlantic Ocean in August during the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. Harvey was the eighth named storm of the record-breaking season.

Tropical Storm Harvey formed from a tropical wave to the southwest of Bermuda on August 2 and passed close to Bermuda on August 4, bringing heavy rain to the island. After it moved east away from Bermuda, Harvey reached its peak strength before the storm turned to the northeast. Harvey became a strong extratropical storm on August 8 and the system survived for a few more days in the central Atlantic.

Meteorological history

A tropical wave left the African coast on July 22 and crossed much of the Atlantic without significant development. While approaching the Leeward Islands on July 28, the National Hurricane Center monitored the system closely for any possible development, which did not occur at that time. Though by August 2, convection began increasing, and as a result, the system developed into Tropical Depression Eight later that day, while centered about 350 miles (595 km) southwest of Bermuda. On the following day, the depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Harvey.[1]

Due to initially strong wind shear, Harvey exhibited subtropical characteristics and also caused the official forecasts to underestimate the intensity predictions.[2] Harvey passed 45 miles (75 km) south of Bermuda early on August 4 while a moderately strong tropical storm.[3] Harvey intensified further and peaked with winds of 65 mph (100 km/h) later that day. Despite strong wind shear, Harvey did not weaken significantly over the next three days. Harvey transitioned into an extratropical storm early on August 9. The remnant extratropical cyclone gradually weakened, and eventually dissipated northwest of the Azores on August 14.[1]


As Tropical Storm Harvey approached Bermuda a tropical storm warning was issued late on August 2 and due to the outside possibility of further strengthening to hurricane strength a hurricane watch was issued 24 hours later. As the storm moved away from Bermuda on August 4, first the hurricane watch and then the tropical storm warning were canceled.[1]

Harvey brought heavy rain to Bermuda, with just over 5 inches (130 mm) reported at Bermuda International Airport and caused some flooding of roads. In addition, there was a report of sustained winds of approximately 45 mph (75 km/h) on the island. The storm was not responsible for any fatalities or major damage on the island.[1]


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