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Tropical Storm Beryl was a strong tropical storm in the 1982 Atlantic hurricane season. Tropical Storm Beryl affected only Cape Verde throughout its duration. Tropical Storm Beryl cause $3 million in damage as well as 3 casualties as it passed to the south of the Cape Verde Islands.

Meteorological history

A well-developed tropical wave exited Africa on August 27. The next day, it developed into a tropical depression, and shortly thereafter it intensified into Tropical Storm Beryl. On August 29, it passed just south of Cape Verde as it continued intensifying on its west-northwest track. An eye feature appeared in the convection on August 31, suggesting winds of near hurricane status; since the feature was located on the western side of the deep convection and the storm was slightly asymmetric, the intensity was held just below hurricane status.[1] Shortly after, strong wind shear caused the storm to deteriorate, leaving the low-level circulation exposed on the western side.[1] Beryl weakened to a tropical depression the next day due to the lack of convection, and it continued westward without redevelopment. On September 5, a reconnaissance flight into the depression found winds of 65 mph (100 km/h); this was deemed unrepresentative of the actual intensity as it was recorded in a squall line. The depression became disorganized once more and by September 6, it was no longer identifiable on satellites.[2]


Early in its duration, Tropical Storm Beryl produced heavy rainfall and gusty winds on the Cape Verde island of Sal. The storm caused moderate damage across the archipelago, totaling $3 million (1982 USD).[3] The passage of Beryl resulted in 3 casualties in Brava Island, as well as 122 injuries.[4] In the period after the storm's passage, the United States provided humanitarian aid and economic assistance to the country, helping the archipelago to reverse the effects of Beryl.[5]


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