Invest 92L
Invest 92L May 12 2012 Terra

Invest 92L at peak intensity

Formed May 12, 2012
Dissipated May 15, 2012
50 mph (1-minute sustained)
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Lowest pressure 1007 mbar
Damages None
Fatalities None
Part of the
2012 Atlantic hurricane season

Invest 92L was a strong non-tropical disturbance that formed at an unusually high latitude for the time of year. The storm attained tropical storm force winds and developed an eye-like feature, but the storm was never classified as such. For the duration of its existence the storm remained an invest before dissipating 3 days later.

Meteorological synopsis

Invest 92L May 2012 Track

Storm track

On May 10, a large, extratropical system began forming in the Azores region. While it remained in virtually the same area the next two days, the convection and better organized activity began to cluster around the center of the system. On May 12, the cluster and wrapped around the center of the non-tropical low, forming spiral bands of shower activity. In additon the hyprid low also formed an eye-like feature, as evident in the image at the top of this page. The National Hurricane Center also began issuing special advisory products for 92L, giving it a 40% probability of formation. However the pristine image, reminiscent of other polar lows and northerly forming storms began to fade the night of May 12, as shower activity became disorganized. However the next day the storm quickly re-organized and took the appearance of a subtropical storm. That morning 92L held its highest winds, with maximum sustained winds at 50 mph. Following the previous pattern, during the night of May 13 92L substantially weakened and attempted to re-flare the next day. However, the storm could not attain enough convection and thus succumbed to a newly forming larger low on May 15. The large low later became Xanthippe, as named by the Free University of Berlin.

While the Invest was operationally not considered a tropical system, there has been some debate as to whether 92L was a tropical storm, especially during the days of May 12 and 13.