Articles wantedEdit

First of all....

Unlike articles on Wikipedia, these are not so much supposed to be encyclopedic articles. Sourcing is not a big deal, and Original research is fine (as long as it is not untrue or an attack). However, the introduction to all of them should be written in an encyclopedic tone to give appropriate context.


These should be more focussed on the products produced by the organisations listed than a description of the organisation. They should also describe how to interpret the stuff provided.


Again, these should be focussed on how to use and interpret the information from these sources, rather than an encyclopedic description of the source.



The basic introductory pages need writing, to give crosslinking between basins. Also:


  • Storm2k
  • Better templates, such as infoboxes and message boxes
  • Redirects for every unambiguous acronym that may be useful, whether official or otherwise. For example, NHC and SSHS
  • Wunderground

Project stuffEdit

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