• Leeboy100

    So I mentioned in Bret's archive it was the first tropical storm to make landfall in Venezuela since 1993. The last storm to do so was anotther tropical storm, also named Bret. So, I've decided to go back to see If I could find more coinceidences between 2017 and years prior with the same name list, and also 2016 and list II just for fun.

    Let's start with list II.

    List II coincidences: 

    In 1980 & 1992, the 'A' names for the respective seasons (Allen for 1980, Andrew for 1992) were both category 5's. The exact same occurrence also happened with the 'M' names for 1998 and 2016 (Mitch, 1998 & Matthew, 2016)

    The only 2 category 5's in the 1990's were from this name list (Andrew in 1992, Mitch in 1998)

    In 1986 and 1992, both season's final storm was…

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  • TornadoGenius

    I've been watching the GFS models lately. That model has been showing a very powerful hurricane hitting Florida. Could this be possibly our first major hurricane landfall in 11 years?

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  • Raindrop57

    Happy hurricane season! (Well, at least when a hurricane isn't hitting land!) Anyway, I often look at hurricanes and am like "the NHC has the intensity of this storm WAY too low", or "there is no way that's still a hurricane!". So I decided to have some fun with it by comparing the intensity of a storm according to the NHC with how strong I thought the storm was. Here's the results of Hurricane Gaston:

    (Hurricane Newton - With satellite intensity estimates)

    (Yes, sorry about the "Untitled" stuff on the bottom, I couldn't find a way to change that without modifying them one by one). Anyway, I thought this would be fun to share.

    Anyway, that concludes my first blog post. Stay safe as the 2016 northern hemisphere hurricane season continues! ~Rai…

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  • TornadoGenius

    Well, I've been thinking about this one for a while. I've wondered if we could get a complete list of all snubbed storms that ever occurred, in the Atlantic, Eastern Pacfic, and Western Pacific. I will start with the ones I have gathered.

    • Note: * = The storm name was retired later on in a different season.
    • Note: ** = The storm caused (most) of its damage and fatalities while in a different basin, or the storm caused (most) of its damage and fatalities before/after it was a tropical cyclone.
    • Note: *** = The storm qualifies for both of the above listed.

    Name Damages Deaths Year
    Hilda* $120 million 304 1955
    Debbie $50 million 78 1961
    Alma $210.1 million 91 1966
    Francelia $35.6 million 271 1969
    Edith $25.4 million 37 1971
    Amelia $110 million 33 1978

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  • YE

    Welcome to this outlook; doing something I have not done in quite some time. 2014 and 2015 were some of the most banner, yet tiring years in the Eastern Pacific's long history. Does the season continue on it's 2014 and 2015 legacy, or do we head down a new path?

    Due to the activity of the 2013 Pacific typhoon season, which resulted in a series of insane intense typhoons, a westerly wind burst, in which the warmer waters of the West Pacific are moved to the Central and Eastern Pacific, was triggered, which combined with a warm sub-surface Pacific, sparked a weak El Nino event by September 2014. This Nino event stayed weaker than what most expected for much of 2014, but as the normally warm waters of the West Pacific cooled in early 2015, res…

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  • Bobnekaro

    Hi, I'm Bob from Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki if you do not know me.  Does anyone know why the NHC waits longer to do the stronger storms for post-analysis?  Ana, Bill, Claudette, Henri, and Ida have all been re-analyzed, but we are still waiting on Danny, Erika, Fred, Grace, Joaquin and Kate.  The two most interesting storms for post analysis, in my opinion, are Danny and Joaquin.  Danny has a chance to be downgraded to a Category 2 due to its unusually high pressure, and Joaquin has a chance to be upgraded to a Category 5.  

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  • Leeboy100

    I'm sure everyone has been wondering, which list has changed the most. I'm going to go through every list in chronological order, by list not year, and cross out names that have been retired, the replacement names for which will be in bold. and names that were previously used on the old lists will be underlined on their first use on these lists. I will italicize names that are on the current versions of the list that weren't there when it was first used. You guys get to vote about which one you think has changed the most. This one is for the Atlantic, I will do the Pacific version if I get good feedback. I'm only showing names that were used in each year.

    Here we go

    Note (since list I is being used this year, I will still cross out names that ar…

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  • SpcardozoComesBack

    Joaquin is now a Major Hurricane. 

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  • Leeboy100

    Hurricane Vocabulary.

    September 21, 2015 by Leeboy100

    This is an idea I got to make a guide of hurricane vocabulary for anyone on this wiki who might be new at tracking storms.

    I will start out with one of my favorite types of cyclones.

    An annular cyclone is a somewhat rare phenomenon in tropical cyclones. They usually have: A large eye, compact wind field, very few rainbands, and can get very intense. Annular storms are often said to resemble doughnuts. Quite a few category 5 hurricanes and typhoons have been annular. Annular storms can also maintain strength longer than regular storms.  

    A few examples of annular cyclones:

       Typhoon Nestor (1997) Hurricane Isabel (2003)

    Hurricane Katrina (2005)

    Hurricane Iselle (2014)

    Typhoon Amber (1997)

    Typhoon Jelewat (2000)

    Hurricane Adrian (2011)

    and finally, t…

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Hey guys! Lizzie here again!

    I have thought up of some theme songs that suit each of the Atlantic/EPAC hurricanes' demeanour, personality and of course, what they did during the time they were a tropical cyclone. This page is still under construction; I am writing A levels this year (1st year; it's a two year course) so I will be very busy! I would also like you guys to contribute in the comments below; give me a song choice!










    Blanca: Major Lazer, DJ Snake and MO: Lean On


    Dolores: Lost Frequencies: Are You With Me (Kungs remix suits the intensity of this storm wayyy better than the original) or Droideka: Get Hyper (Odile's suggestion)


    Felicia: I've just wasted 10 seconds of your life


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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Hey guys!

    Just to tell you that Met Eireann and the UK Met Office are making their own naming list to name UK/Irish storms and are both calling on the public to name them! All you have to do is send your suggestions to these emails using the subject title "nameourstorms":

    and suggest anything possible, even if it's funny!

    Tell us what you have suggested in comments below!

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  • InfiniteStorm162

    This is my retirement thingy.

    Mekkhala: 10% Okay yeah, Mekkhala wan't as damaging as thought.

    Higos: 0% Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

    Bavi: 0% See you 6-7 years from now!

    Maysak: 50% Meh.

    Haishen: 0% Why did this season suck.

    Noul: 60% Meh Again.

    Dolphin: 14%


    Chan-hom: 75% What storm has caused over $1 billion without being retired?

    Linfa: 1% One of those minor storms.

    Nangka: 20% Like Carlos in the EPac.

    Halola: 0% Japan will forget it.

    Soudelor: 95% $3.2 billion, 38 deaths? It's most likely retired.

    Molave: 0% Nice to see something subtropical! It didn't cause much of anything.

    Goni: 90% Oh, 70 deaths.

    Astani: 0% C5, no land.

    Kilo: 0% (to be updated)

    Etau: 1% (to be updated)

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  • Leeboy100

    We all know how painfully snubbed Gordon and Hanna were, but what other names do you think should have been retired? leave your picks in the comments. This is for all basins too, not just the Atlantic

    Here are my picks: 


    • Gordon (1994) & Hanna (2008) obviously.
    • Dolly, also in 2008
    • Juan, in 1985 (the name 'Juan' was actually retired in 2003, but I think it should have been retired 18 years earlier)
    • Alex and Matthew (2010) 


    • Paul in 1982 (I don't care if it did all that destruction as a depression the fact that it was the second dealiest storm in the Pacific should have warranted retirement)

    You can put any name you want. My picks are not off limits so if you agree with me, you can put it in the comments, because I know that everyone wi…

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  • PuffleXTREME

    Of the 3 contestants, we have decided a winner for #NameWaste2015 - EPac. And the winner of #NameWaste2015 is.....FELICIA! Yes, it's Felicia. With just barely making it to TS status, this storm is the weakest named storm on record in the EPac, with only 40 mph, and 1004 mb! This storm does not even deserve TS Status!

    Note that Enrique is actually 3rd, although he and Kevin were identical in strength, Enrique became a TS a second time. Then I was cheering. Results are subject to change for #NameWaste2015, however Felicia will stay in 1st.

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  • YE

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. So far in Vegas, it's been pretty nice, and it's cloudy as I type this. The PHS is on to a record start, now the question is will it stay that way?

    ENSO is a huge wildcard when forecasting EPAC seasons. Sure, recent research done by me has suggested that there are many other factors that need to be taken into account. But let's not understate the importance of ENSO.

    Right now, as you probably know, we are in the midst of an El Nino event. El Nino has large effects on the weather across the globe, such as drought in India and Australia, and record rains across Peru, and certain parts of Africa. El Nino is the reversal of trade winds (from easterly to westerly) that turns the EPAC into the WPAC. In the U…

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  • YE

    So, good afternoon everybody. Yep, it's that time of month again. With hurricane season underway, it's time for my second hurricane seaosn outlook typically done in late May. My next outlook is set for June, but it could be in July.

    As of late, El Nino has been intensifying. Although officially according to the Climate Prediction Center, Nino 3+4 weeklies have remained the same at +1.0C for four consecutive weeks, dating back to shortly after my April outlook, satellite data courtesy of Levi Cowan has indicated that over the past few weeks, Nino 3.4 (official one), Nino 3 (around 150Wish), and Nino 1+2 (off South America) have been slowly warming. Having a head start with this Nino starting back in May of last year, but staying very weak un…

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  • YE

    Happy April! April Showers bring May flowers, but here in the Nevada desert, there is no rain at this time of year. Flowers are blooming and the days are getting longer and longer! Winter has been record warmth this year here in Vegas, but will that carry over to the hurricane seaosn?

    In 2013, an unusually powerful +NPO block was noted across the Gulf of Alaska. This spark, which not only triggered a very cold winter across the US that year, warmed the water since high pressure means warmer sea surface temperature. This is at least partially responsible for a +PDO flip that was noted in early 2014, and sparked the EPAC in 2014.

    As you guys probably know and remember very well, the 2014 Pacific hurricane season was a banner and magical year f…

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  • Ryan1000

    Began this a little late, but nonetheless, here's my calls for worldwide activity of 2015:

    • 7-10 named storms
    • 4-6 hurricanes
    • 1-3 major hurricanes
    • ACE totals 60-95% of median

    We are currently in a strong El Nino this year, so the Atlantic is most likely to be below normal in activity.

    • 17-22 named storms
    • 10-14 hurricanes
    • 5-9 major hurricanes
    • ACE totals 115-155% of median

    Last year's season caught a lot of us by surprise, with my predicted named storm count turning out to be accurate but having a record number of hurricanes, second-highest number of major hurricanes, and having the highest ACE totals in more than 20 years. This year's season is also very likely to be above average due to a strong El Nino this season. 

    • 22-26 named storms
    • 11-15 typhoons
    • 3-7 …

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  • HurricaneMaker99

    Watching Forrest Gump

    September 25, 2014 by HurricaneMaker99

    ...and I found out that Hurricane Carmen played a role in Forrest's in-film success! I won't mention how Carmen helped because I don't want to spoil it for anybody - look it up on Wikipedia if you must find out and can't wait to watch the movie ;D

    I'm pleasantly surprised to see this underdog of retired hurricanes get some pop culture kudos. Just figured I'd share that with you all.

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  • YE

    So phew it's been a long ride. Ill do more recapping once the years is over, as we still have another 4-6 weeks left.

    I do not think I need to explain what made this season, because I think we all know. But it's been a wild ride. It all started in May, with Amanda, and was followed by Cristina a few weeks later. What did Amanda do? It set the tone for the season. It was the first storm that explosively intensified. When the rest of the storms, intensified it was admittedly marginally less shocking (though still fun as hec). When Amanda exploded (and Cristina too), it was downright shocking.

    With that said, I wouldn't even say Amanda was the storm that caused me to know for sure that this season was gonna be one for the ages. Anyone here remem…

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Hey guys! I have thought about something... what if the hurricanes this year had... a song to suit their personality? A theme song?!?

    Here is what I am thinking for each of them:

    Arthur: The "Arthur" theme song.



    Dolly: Jolene by Dolly Parton. Need I say more?

    Edouard: Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. He's bigger than the rest.



    Chrissy: Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera. All that magic turned her into a major.

    Doug: Waves by Mr Schulz. The song itself, its melody and the lyrics suit Douglas's chilled, shy and somewhat nonchalant demeanour. He reminds me of Fluttershy, personality-wise.



    Genny: Axel F by Crazy Frog. Genevieve screws logic.


    Iselle: Oops...! I Did It Again by Britney Spears will complement…

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  • YE

    Obviously, the East Pacific has been a very very busy place so far this year. Here is this years stat line: 2014 11 6 5 85 7.7

    Pretty good, right? Well, that doesn't really tell the big story. It's the intensity that the season has. It just feels different. Conditions are just very favorable as of late. Somewhat low wind shear, warm waters, fairly moist air. The cooling of Nino 1+2 may have increased shear a little, but it seems to have relaxed as of late. Instability is fine, waters are warm, we were just waiting for some Kelvin Wave/MJO activity which occurred a few weeks ago. And since then, boy the season has taken off and shifted into high gear. And since then, we've got madness, pure madness. Iselle being an epic long tracker that so…

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  • Leeboy100

    Looking back in history (and mainly on wikipedia) I found that 1994 and 2009 pacific hurricane seasons were strangely similar in some cases. Here are a few 

    "The 2009 Pacific hurricane season was the most active Pacific hurricane season since 1994."

     "For the first time in ten years, no tropical depressions formed during the month of May. This inactivity continued into the early part of June and was the least active since 1994"

    Some similarities that I could find is:

    • Excluding depressions, both seasons had 20 storms
    • Neither season had a storm in May
    • Strangely both season's first storm formed on June 18th!
    • Also both seasons ended just one day apart! October 26 in 1994 and October 27th 2009!
    • Both season had a strong Category 5: John (1994) and Rick (2…

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  • YE

    Hi everyone. Summer is in full swing and the North American Monsoon is giving me rain every few days. Other days it is sours into the triple digits and many desperate Nevadans like myself seek shelter in pools for relief.

    In May, you could tell that the season was hyped, and expectations were higher than ever. A series of WWB's have sparked an El Nino and for a while, it appeared it would be a super one. Everything looked almost perfect quite remarkable for an inactive phase. Shear was low, vertical instability was high SSTS' were fairly warm. A pre-season invest only added to the elevated expectations.

    Yet somehow someway, it lived up to the expectations. At least for a while. Actually, no it did not. It exceeded them. When Amanda formed to…

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  • CobraStrike
    This is a blog update for the CobraStrike Coastal Forecasting Center, which provides updates on potential tropical cyclone impacts near the coasts of the eastern Pacific and north Atlantic. THIS IS NOT NHC DATA! DO NOT USE THIS INFORMATION FOR EMERGENCY PLANNING.

    1800 CDT UPDATE

    15.9N, 101.9W Tracking W at 5 mph Maximum winds 35 mph, higher gusts Maximum radii of maximum winds - roughly 30 or so nautical miles
    %% IMPACTS %%
    ^WINDS... Model consensus provides the solution that 03E will move out into sea, and given the size of the storm, will likely not produce considerably damaging winds along the Mexican coast. Sustained winds will likely peak along the coast below tropical storm force at around 30 or 35 mph. However, it is possible for i…

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  • YE

    2014 PHS May 29 update

    May 19, 2014 by YE

    Hello, welcome to this page on the World Wide Web. Now, it is time to blow this page up. At 5 4 3 2 1 blastoff. No, I’m just kidding.

    So, it’s the fifth day of the 2014 Pacific hurricane season. We’ve seen two invests, both of which earned a TCFA, but both busted. This season will my 11th season since I remotely started paying attention to tropical cyclones in the Eastern North Pacific. This is my 9th season since I started following the EPAC more closely, so naturally, I’m relatively experienced, having witness two El Nino years (2006 and 2009) and nearly another (2012).

    So, let’s give a little recap of last season. It had 20 storms, 9 hurricanes, and 1 major hurricane. This compares to the 1976-2013 average of 16/9/4. In all, the season w…

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  • Steve820

    Changing my name

    February 8, 2014 by Steve820

    Ok guys, it is time to announce...... A USERNAME CHANGE!! I'm going to change my username to "Steve820". I think that my current name seems a little weird with the string of numbers at the end (09876). I think its weird because of how my current username was made when I typed my name (Steven) and then moved my finger backwards across the keyboard from "0" to "6". At that time, I couldn't think of any better username since I thought most of the names I wanted were already taken on Wikia. Well now, I've thought of a much better username called "Steve820", which luckily isn't already taken and which I am about to rename it to. That name consists of my name "Steven", removing the "n" to create the more awesome name of "Steve", and then, the "8…

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  • Spcardozo

    there will be 16-21 tropical depressions, 9-11 named storms, 3-5 hurricanes and 1-2 major hurricanes.

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Sup ppl! 2014 has BEGUN WOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! And getting ready for DA FIREWORKZ DISPLAY!!! WOOOOTTT!!!! Anyway... 2013's storms may have failed but they have no sign of stopping (ish!) 

    Yes, these two are a bit hyper for the new year (they seriously hated 2013) so they decided to start an epic rap battle of history...

    Epic Rap Battles of History!

    Hurricane Raymond VS Hurricane Humberto!



    Yea, strongest storm of 2013 in the good ol' West

    Sole major cane of the whole of the West

    Nobody can compare to me, not even you

    Come get me, come overthrow me

    I'll stand on my throne forever and ever

    Your fancy lil' name can't even explain

    Why you're the strongest storm of the rubbish Atlantic season!


    Hey there, Ray,

    Everybody loves you? Nah…

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  • Ryan1000

    Here are my official predictions for worldwide activity in 2014:

    • 7-12 named storms
    • 4-6 hurricanes
    • 2-3 major hurricanes
    • ACE index 75-95% of median

    An El Nino is almost inevitable by now, and SST's in the Pacific are near their warmest on record, even more than the great El Nino of 1997-98. Because of this, the Atlantic will likely be below average in activity in 2014.

    • 16-21 named storms
    • 8-12 hurricanes
    • 4-6 major hurricanes
    • ACE index 105-135% of median

    El Nino is rapidly starting to come in, so the EPac will likely be above normal in activity this year.

    • 24-29 named storms
    • 12-15 typhoons
    • 6-8 cat 3 or stronger typhoons
    • 2-4 category 5 super typhoons
    • ACE index 110-140% of median

    The WPac will likely be above normal, with a possibly very active late-season due t…

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Heyyyy guyyyysss!!!

    Many of the WHEM storms were epic fails for 2013, but with still one month to go, things can turn the other way, especially with all models on storm2k hinting in double Caribbean hurricane development within the next fortnight. But, hey, what if we take a look at all the past storms? 

    If all the storms were all humans, these would be their quotes/slogans:

    Andrea (Tropical Storm): "Time for a wild ride, New Yorkers!"

    Barry (Tropical Storm): "Time to get wet and wild."

    Chantal (Tropical Storm): "Isn't it horrible to scare people?"

    Dorian (Tropical Storm): "If you fall the first time, you will rise again the second time."

    Erin (Tropical Storm): "Just sit back and enjoy the ride."

    Fernand (Tropical Storm): See Barry.

    Gabrielle (Tropical …

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  • Andrew444

    The Curse of the "I"

    September 3, 2013 by Andrew444

    Today, I will be writing a blog post about an unusual tropical cyclone curse in the North Atlantic.

    Before 1990, "I" storms were not very notable overall. Only a handful of seasons even reached that letter, and when they did, the "I" storm was not very notable. In fact, only two "I" names, Ione of 1955 and Inez of 1966, were retired before then. However, starting in 1990, the "I"'s would get extremely notable. Let me explain...

    • Hurricane Isidore (1990): It all started in 1990. Hurricane Isidore began a streak of "I" storms attaining hurricane intensity. Despite a lack of land impact, Isidore formed further south than any other Atlantic tropical cyclone on record.
    • 1991 did not use the "I" letter.
    • 1992 did not use the "I" letter.
    • 1993 did not use the…
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  • HurricaneMaker99

    I have never seen the NHEM suffer such a widespread power outage for tropical cyclones. The Atlantic has had six storms, which is a respectable amount, but no hurricanes. EPAC is doing better; they're sorely behind on major hurricanes, with none yet, but they've already had 13 storms, which is the fastest clip I can remember, of which 6 became hurricanes. WPAC is the worst of them all. Out of 17 JMA named storms, only 2 have officially become typhoons (5 if you count Rumbia, Pewa, and Trami, which were upgraded by JTWC but not JMA). 2 out of 17!!! Even the 2007 and 2011 Atlantic seasons did better than that! Does anyone know why we're lacking so severely in TC intensity throughout the NHEM?

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  • CobraStrike

    As Atlantic wishcasters and regular tropical cyclone enthusiasts alike were ready to call this season off due to a string of weak storms, despite still spitting climatologically early systems, Invest 95L, invested yesterday as it was over the Yucatan Peninsula, has organized in the Bay of Campeche into Tropical Depression Six, the sixth tropical cyclone of the season. The cyclogenesis of the tropical depression coincided with a strong Kelvin wave that propogated eastward and also assisted in the cyclogenesis of Ivo and Invest 95E.

    Though anything is possible, due to its proximity to land, intensification from Tropcial Depression Six should be marked, but marginal nonetheless. With a few outliers, the models for this system have also agreed u…

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  • Andrew444

    I know many users here are starting to get frustrated with the lack of activity in the Atlantic. In fact, on Storm2k (I do not have an account there, I just read it for fun) some users were forecasting we would only see nine to ten storms. However, it actually is not too late for an activity explosion. Using data from the seasons 1995-2012, the active Atlantic period, I can tell you where we might end up in the naming list.

    Below, seasons are organized in decreasing amount of post-August 20 storms per season.

    So far, 2013 has produced 5 tropical storms but no (major) hurricanes.

    Looking at the seasons below, we find...

    • 2005 had 19 total storms, 11 hurricanes, and 5 major hurricanes after August 20.

    Following 2005's pace, 2013 will end with 24 tota…

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Yawn. Just wondering when the Atlantic hurricane season will ramp up activity again. Fernand is expected to form in the Gulf of Mexico. According to cmc models (Canada meteorological models, not cutie mark crusader models) two big storms are expected to come out of Africa next week and become hurricanes. Does anyone know when activity will start up again? Frankly speaking I am fed up of itty bitty iddle widdle liddle icky storms like erin and dorian and the kind. God, will this season only see little tropical storms? I want a cool storm! The ace of the storms are pathetic. I mean, what's going to happen now?

    Sent from my iPhone

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  • STO12

    2013 Season

    July 22, 2013 by STO12

    What are we to expect for the rest of the 2013 season? The Atlantic is expected to ruffle up quite a few named storms this year. But where and when are they going to show up? Looking at data from last year's season, I've accumulated some hints of what the 2013 season may look like.


    Pre-season to June - The formation of Alberto and Beryl in May from last year I think were just a rare coincidence. Sure it makes it seem sort of likely we'd see it in the next season, but it was just a thing for that season. 2013 hasn't given us any pre-season storms, so named storms might come on a little later in the season. Because of this June racked up only two named storms, Andrea and Barry. Last year in 2012, we had our third and fourth…

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Hey guys! I have an update on what to expect this year in the Atlantic for the hurricanes this year!

    The model "ECMWF" that stated before that "there was going to be an El Nino this August/September/October" has now updated their forecast and are now trying to say that "we are going to have a neutral period," meaning that we are going to have more storms forming this peak of the hurricane season.

    According to ALL Mid-July 2013 ENSO prediction models, they are all anticipating that the ENSO state will be NEUTRAL until the end of this year. However, with warmer-than-usual sea temperatures, the storms may be stronger than usual by the time August has arrived. Frankly speaking, this August/September, we are probably going to see lots of Category…

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  • HurricaneMaker99

    June activity

    July 14, 2013 by HurricaneMaker99

    I just realized that this year was the second in a row where the Atlantic had two named storms in June; 2012 had Chris and Debby, and this year had Andrea and Barry. Has this ever happened before?

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  • Andrew444

    Wikipedia account

    July 2, 2013 by Andrew444

    Dear Hurricane Wiki,

    I now have a Wikipedia account. My username is AndrewPeterT. Here is the link to my userpage: 1.

    --AndrewTalk To MeContribsMail Me 17:19, July 2, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Do you know why chat on this wiki should be enabled?

    1. IRC may not work on some computers due to excessive lag.
    2. IRC may be too difficult to understand for some userd.
    3. With Chat, you can have chat moderators who can protect other users.
    4. Chat logs are available with Chat.
    5. You can have private messages (PMs) on Chat.
    6. IRC may crash. (and it happened to me MANY times)
    7. With Chat it is easier to navigate.

    Please, these are seven straight reasons on WHY you should upgrade to Wikia Chat. (NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!) Please do so, thank you.

    Raraah, Awesome Pony 18:53, April 1, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Andrew444

    Hello, all users!

    For those of you who live in the United States and Canada, you may still remember the unexpected spring blizzard which occured earlier in the week. It probably was a nightmare to see snow on the ground so late in March! However, something massive has happened to that blizzard system. It moved over the open Atlantic Ocean and deepened significantly in size and intensity, according to Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang's chief meteorologist Jason Samenow. The Ocean Prediction Center's lead forecaster, Robert Oszajca, explained the cyclone intensified because it merged with several other weaker low pressure areas over the Atlantic, which gave the cyclone additional energy. Warm moisture from the Gulf Stream and frigid air…

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  • Isaac829

    Introducing Userboxes

    March 25, 2013 by Isaac829

    Userboxes are finally here at HWiki! Userboxes are boxes that describe your personality. For more info, click here.

    • When you create your own userbox please put in under User:Username/Userbox name.
    • Userboxes could be about anything, as long there are no personal attacks.
    • Make sure pictures inside the userbox are 40 pixels or smaller.
    • Please put your userboxes on only your userpage.
    • There are no limits for how many userboxes could be on a page.

    • These userboxes are different from the ones on Wikipedia and on Templates Wiki. These userboxes are from Call of Duty wiki.

    Type .

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Associate the 2013 AHS names with penguins! All what you need to do is...

    1. Go on link:
    2. Dress the penguin up and name the penguin after a 2013 AHS name by replacing "CP Insider" with an Atlantic hurricane name for 2013.
    3. Take a snapshot and save!

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    People. I have a prediction for Hurricane Lerrrrenzo. 

    • Tropical storm
    • Formed = September 1 2013
    • Dissipated = September 7 2013
    • Areas affected: US Gulf Coast

    This is the song parody.

    Watch this!

    Be be be my Hurricane

    'Cause IDK what's coming next

    So watch it while it all lasts, it's the best


    Be be be my Hurricane

    'Cause IDK what's coming next

    So watch it while it all lasts, it's the best


    Back to school oh yes, yes, We don't know who got the grades Not make a big deal Act like it's a new cane The warning says a small storm Try on these boots I think this storm will blow you off He's got a best friend (Th'names Melissa)

    Be be be my Hurricane

    'Cause IDK what's coming next

    So watch it while it all lasts, it's the best


    Be be be my Hurricane


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  • Supportstorm

    Land Tropical Cyclones

    January 29, 2013 by Supportstorm

    Ok, so we know that tropical cyclones are associated with oceans, right? Well two weeks ago a monsoonal low formed in the prairie/ hill valleys of Zimbabwe in Southeast Africa and traveled west, into central Africa. Over the next day or so the organization of the low stayed constant, with well defined spiral band and moderate to severe convection. During the 16th of January however, the system developed into the appearance of a tropical cyclone over central Africa. This wasn't short lived either. The cyclone continued to intensify and by January 17th reached a peak intensity based on satellite appearance. A very rough eye wall was observed during this time. It maintained tropical cyclone intensity until the 19th as it turned back around to…

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Why are this year's hurricane names so weird?

    I went on Yahoo Answers, and asked everyone about the hurricane names. Here were the responses:

    ANSWER 1:

    Hi (=

    1) Chantal = never heard of it. 2) Fernand = sounds like a fertalizer (sp). 3) Humberto = it can be a Disney cartoon character. 4) Nester = I don't know why, Lol. 5) Tanya = I'm sorry, I don't like it.

    ANSWER 2:

    Olga - sounds like a Viking 

    Nestor - the poor kid will surely get made fun of for that one Humberto - too much of an unknown name

    Those are the only ones I think are that weird but maybe also 

    Rebekah - reminds me of Rebecca black Pablo - just doesn't really sound right

    ANSWER 3:

    Humberto- Sounds made up

    Dorian- Just weird to say Van- Self explanatory I think Nestor- Another one that sounds made…

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala day, we hear on the news that a hurricane has come. Instead of the usual names, such as "Sandy," "Irene," "Ike," "Gustav," and even "Katrina," we hear this..

    "RED ALERT! Hurricane Banana has made landfall in Florida!"

    "BEWARE! Tropical Storm Chocolate is expected to make category 5 landfall in Mexico City!"

    "WARNING! Category 5 hurricane Rawrimadino is about to cross over into the East Pacific as hurricane Shaniqua!"

    "AAAH! Hurricane Fart makes a landfall in yo hometown to give you a JUMBEE FRIGHT!!"

    Imagine if hurricanes had more unique names, such as Shaniqua, or even named after objects, such as Banana. In the future, even if all those naming lists become scrapped one day, or even the GREEK ALPHABET is exhausted, will we ever be able to see…

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    People, which hurricane pic is funnier?

    Please vote, thank you!! :D

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Ok! Let's see if you can base the AHS names this year with people, you can make them up! Say...

    • what hair colour they have
    • eye colour
    • height
    • race
    • nationality
    • personality
    • age.

    Thank you very much! :D

    Andrea Barry Chantal Dorian Erin Fernand Gabrielle Humberto Ingrid Jerry Karen Lorenzo Melissa Nestor Olga Pablo Rebekah Sebastien Tanya Van

    Read more >

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